Your Past

Your Past. If you have you date, time and place of birth you have all you need to fix your emergence into the world. Your astrology chart can be drawn up, and you can get advice from a Tarot reader or medium. 

With equal certainty, from the moment of your birth, the events, people, and decisions you make will affect your life. But more than what you do in this life, what happened in past lives comes forward like a swift breeze to spice your life with consequences from your past life decisions. This is called Karma, the sum of past life good and bad that this life, in part is to deal with.

Karma calls on us to acknowledge what we have not learned from past lives and engage with those lessons and learn the lessons we need to in this life.

If we feel we have blocks to our goals and life, we can find the answer in decisions we have made in this life and also lessons not learned in past lives. We need to be at peace with this. We need to identify what lessons we have to learn and what blocks we have created for ourselves in this life. Once we have done this, we can move forward.

The best way to be at peace with the lessons we need to learn and the consequences of our actions in this life is to sit quietly and meditate. Clear our mind of the worries, doubts and fears our busy mind creates. The busy mind is itself a block to our growth and acceptance and resolution of past life lessons and what is happening to us in this life.

Take a moment to shut yourself off from the unruly world that is always pressing in on us with demands for our attention. You need time for yourself. To be yourself.

One of the pressures of this world is conformity to ideas beliefs that are not part of our reason for being. As the universe gives us gifts to help and guide us, being accepting of them. You need a car, not necessarily a particular car. Appreciate the car you have.

After you have quietened down and shed these negative thoughts and feelings, take a sheet of paper and just write, write whatever comes into your mind. This is automatic writing, your guides and spirits and writing through on to the paper so you will have something too read. It is information you need to know. Use one page for what you feel are your blocks in this life. On another sheet of paper, think of the larger things that are affecting your existence.

For example, on the first sheet of paper. The sheet where you describe the blocks in your life you might write that you feel blocked form promotion or new opportunities at work. Next to this, describe why you feel blocked. If you feel someone is always getting acknowledgment not because of their work but because of the way they h behave to management, think about whether this is behaviour you could adopt? If it is not, then it is not the reason for your being blocked, look for another, perhaps it is training, a skill set you are missing. If it is, how can you achieve this? If you are attuned to Reiki, draw the Reiki power symbol, Chu Ku Rei To give energy and action to the words to take action to change your circumstances. Run your fingers over the page where you have written the words and believe in the action you are about to undertake.

On the other sheet of paper, you will have larger life issues, these are the things that have come through our Karma into this life. If our relationships with loved ones is poor, let your mind flow freely to sense the source of this from your Karma.

Relationship problems can be the result of past beliefs and behaviors. In a past life you may have taken a vow of chastity, or, lived a chaste life believing this to be your life’s purpose. In this life, the vows and life style have no value. They have no value because you need free will to change your life, or, possibly renew them. But first, release them.

If you are attuned to Reiki, use the Reiki power symbol, Chu Ku Rei To give energy and action to the words to release past vows of celibacy and chasteness. As you speak the words, run your fingers over them and believe in their value and that they will change existence and the relationships you form from now on.

I renounce my vow of celibacy!

IN THIS life I am free to be in a loving relationship. IN THIS life I am aligned to receive love and be loved.

IN THIS life I am partnered in a loving, reciprocal relationship and free of any and all karma

that may have been holding me back. With this energy, I go forward!

Continue to sit quietly to see if there are other memories or information to write down. Close your session by drawing Chu Ku Rei at the bottom of each piece of paper. Fold the papers up and put them away. You will want to come back to them a few weeks from now.

At that time, you will repeat the session, only if you have already written down what is coming to you, concentrate on the action that will make it easier for you to move on. You may want to burn this paper, or shred it. But, repeat the exercise three months from this moment, you may be surprised at the power and strength Reiki has added to your desires and feelings to move on by removing blockages in this life.

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