Understanding Gratitude

Every morning, I give myself a simple self-Reiki session. I express my gratitude for my angels and guides and also myself. Who and why I am who I am. What I achieved the day before, what I recognised in others and how I responded. I express my love for myself because in that moment I am different from everything I have been before, and tomorrow, I will be different from what I am today. Even a small change is important to recognise and be grateful for because if there is not even that small change in ourselves, it means we have become stagnant and unresponsive to the world around us.

Reiki helps open us to its universal energy and that helps us grow and expand our awareness and to be grateful for that change. Gratitude is a way of expressing our happiness at the changes in us which in turn gives us a way to be responsive to new things and experiences. 

Gratitude is expressive, and expansive. When you express and feel grateful for something, it is sending out an energetic appreciation and an invitation for comparable energy to come to us. All manner of things can give us happiness and be things we are grateful for. 

It is not just checking the lottery tickets and finding we have won some money. There is no difference in our gratitude whether it is $7 or $7 million. Both are warming and loving gifts form the universe we should be thankful for. True, $7 million is life changing whereas $7 may not be so, at least in the western world where we have so much but to think less of it sends a message to the universe that you are unhappy with the gift you have been sent.

Never be unhappy with the gifts you receive from the universe. All are valuable and unique in their own way. Let gratitude go out to the universe and let more come back to you. Gratitude for gifts from the universe sending gifts is an eternal cycle. Be part of that cycle be part of the moment, be part of the “Now.”

Something else to consider with the $7 lottery win compared to the $7 million is not the expression of gratitude that you give for receiving it but looking on the $7 as lacking. It is said that Buddhist monks never decline a gift because to do so, is to tell the universe you are not open to receive gifts of any size it may bestow in you. 

Not to be thankful for the $7 prize is to look on the negative of it. To look at what it cannot do for you when compared to what the $7 million win could. Do not look at what a gift cannot do for you, be appreciative of what it can and what it is. Be as thankful for the $7-dollar gift in the same way you would for a $7 Million prize would. Say thank you for it and mean what you say.

But remember common sense, do not hand in your resignation when you get $7!

The other thing with gratitude is that it applies to what you have. Your car may not be the newest but it is the one you have and the one that will get you to work, or to the mall or to a show. Be grateful for it and all the other things you have acquired that now offer meaning in your life and make what you are doing easier for you.

There are non-material things in your life you need to be grateful for. Friendships and relationships that fill your life with joy and interest. They take away the shadow of loneliness.

Gifts that are well received and make people happy are warming to the giver just as much as the recipient, there is an energy exchange between the both of you. If the gift is not well received, a negative energy is created and this is not good for either of you. You might feel that you had given them the wrong gift or that they were not open to receiving gifts from you at all. Their tension and lack of joy communicates that the channel for receiving is either closed or is not open to what was given. Negative energy can also be interpreted as tension which adds that tension to any other issues there may be in your relationship.

So, in summary, remember that gratitude expressed when you receive is not just words and a physical expression, it is a message sent out to the universe that you are thankful and open to receive. With that message goes the feeling that any more gifts you receive will also be gratefully received which is a signal to the universe to send more!

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