Trust Reiki

Trust Reiki, it is a giving energy, an energy that is positive and it can change lives. Change lives, not just in terms of becoming attuned to it and practising, but in what it means to everyday life.

Reiki can teach and help you enjoy being who you are. Each morning after breakfast I tell myself I love who I am, that I am happy to be me and do what I like to do. I do the same the end of the day, before going to bed. It gives me the confidence to be myself and do what I want, or, need to do. The road less travelled can be an interesting and positive experience.

When you hear a little voice say, no, you can’t do that, you are not able to, you are not capable of doing that, that is your ego and busy mind speaking. Listen instead to the confident guided message that you can and will succeed. Then look at the experience and see that it was the right thing to do after all.

Many years ago, I took a Saturday class at a local college and the instructor spent some time with me, telling me that I could teach the subject rather than be a student. He felt I had the experience to teach and I knew the subject well enough already. I was a little confused, but he repeated the comments twice more over the next few weeks and I started to pay attention to what was needed to become a part time instructor.

Yes! Eventually I became an instructor and enjoyed meeting new people, seeing them start to understand and then master the subject. 

If I had known the what I know about Reiki, the decision to become an instructor and do what I came to love would to have taken so long or been so “out there” to me. Reiki does have the ability to change your perception of who you are and what you are capable of. It can help provide that extra energy you need to “get going!” 

It helps reduce and “alleviate the fear of doing.” We all have that fear, getting started is the biggest hurdle, so, make it a small one, and if you are not happy after you have started, make sure you let Reiki energy boost your confidence. Learn to be You and not what someone else wants you to be or thinks you should be. It is your life.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, the first thing would be to book a session and receive Reiki. After that, you can move on to learning and becoming attuned if Reiki speaks to you to do so. That is not always the case. If receiving Reiki is all you need, that is all you will be guided to do.

Reiki can change lives in many ways, let it be to learn how to be who you are and not what others expect. Learn to trust how you feel about people, places, things and actions and learn how to be guided by and for yourself.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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