Thunder and Lightening

Thunder and Lightening. I have always been mesmerized by storms, big storms. The more thunder, lightening, and torrential rain the better. 

Storms are cleansing.

A while back I looked at the leaves of the trees and plants I was photographing, they looked dirty, dusty and tired from the long hot dry spell we had been going through. That night, a storm rolled through, torrential rain and thunder and lightening off in the distance.

I went out with my camera the following day and the same leaves and plants looked clean, invigorated, full and lush. 

The rain had cleaned them off, the water in the soil was filling up their leaves, making them thick, healthy and very, very green.

Thunder and lightening engage the senses, rumbling sounds and water rushing down for the sky to earth and then across the land is also cleansing, purging and is life giving. Lightening is lifting us to pay attention.

Now I know that some people are scarred of thunder, lightening and the often heavy rain that comes with those types of storms. I am not asking you to go out walking in the rain, but if you have a window that is not facing the storm and not letting in any rain water, there is nothing to stop you turning out the light and opening that window.

If you do not have a window that opens, many condo windows do not open, sitting by the window and watching the action and looking at the rain asking the streets clean, the cars and everything that is growing, is just as good.

Clear your mind as you watch and absorb the storm is important to let in the cleansing action of the storm. Be relaxed, stop using any electronics. I know. Many recommend turning them off, I prefer to stop using them, turn the screen down, or off so that it is not intruding on your quiet thoughts by calling out to you. You can go back to them later.

I usually turn off the lights as well so that the full impact of the lightening and thunder comes through to me. In this case, unless you are able to watch the forks of lightening come down from the sky to earth, I find that simply be aware of the sudden brightness is all that is all I need.

Oh and one thing, don’t get caught up in counting the number of seconds between the thunder boom and the flash of lightening. The goal is to hear and see/feel, experience the storm. Counting the seconds between the booms and flashes is a distraction the busy mind is able to latch on to. 

A simple routine fo breathing in and relaxing the air slowly and repeating “I breathe in to calm my body and breathe out to calm my mind.” Is all it takes.

Be like the leaves and trees after a storm, all washed and cleansed, filled with new energy and life.