The Five Reiki Principles

Challenging times and the Five Reiki Principles. The COVID-19 virus has filled our minds and attention for weeks and months. We have been in lockdown as health workers tirelessly battle the infection. Social distancing keeps us from people and places we would like, no, love to go and be with. And, we may be opening up our towns cities and countries too quickly making a second and even third wave of infection inevitable.

Now we have riots in America. The images are real, of people, places and buildings and vehicles blazing. As connected as we are, these images repeat over and over. Repetition of the images breeds a callous disregard for the meaning behind them.

The undercurrent of all this is the economy and how we will make money to pay our bills, eat and live.

COVID-19 has and will continue to change many things about our world and lives, no least is the fact we will be living something that can infect and kill us until we get a vaccine. When we have the vaccine, there is worry at the back of our minds that when we do, COVID-20, and COVID-21 will appear.

In all of this, retaining our individual power is important. Protect it, and, retain it. Each of us as individuals are responsible for our essential energy, how we create it, how we use it, and how we keep it. Above all, do not take on the energies and thoughts of others who may be darker and less resilient than we are. Always, look to the light within us and feed it with care and attention.

A self-reiki session, especially if you are attuned to Reiki is important to help releasing the negative energy we are encountering in these times. If you are not attuned and cannot provide a self-Reiki session for yourself, book a remote session.

Dr. Usui established the Five Principles of Reiki:

The Five Reiki Principles
The Five Reiki Principles laid down by Dr. Usui

… do not Anger. Do not let the situations we observe or encounter be things that make us angry. We have no control over them and we do not know or may not understand the importance someone places on something that can create offence in us. Do not make judgement and do not seek to take any action on what we see. Let it pass over and through us knowing that our energy, our power is within us and unchanged.

… do not Worry. Worry is part of our ego and our busy mind. It loves nothing more than to churn and exhaust our store of good energy by expending it on things we cannot change. If you catch yourself worrying about the line, whether the store will have all the supplies you need, let go of it!

… be Humble. Being Humble can mean not being proud or arrogant but rather being modest. Being modest can mean being free of vanity and self-importance. Being free of, or not being proud or arrogant. It does not mean you allow people to “walk over you” you have your own power and energy and can protect against such things from aggressive people, but you do not use that power to walk over others.

… be Honest with others. Do not represent yourself or your power as being something it is not. If you cannot help, say so, if you can, say so. 

… Be Compassionate. Compassion is a feeling of sympathy for someone who has suffered misfortune or is in a state where we feel there is need to intercede and help lessen any burden or suffering they are feeling. Compassion is not something we should allow to lessen our own energy and power. Draining our energy and power for the benefit of another has its limits and we need to recognise them and protect ourselves while doing what we can and is sensible for us, and the other person.

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