The Ego vs. Intuition

As I have mentioned before, one of my guides shows me images of things that I should follow up on, things that will happen, or things I should do. Some people will refer to this as their intuition because they are unfamiliar with speaking to, or, receiving messages from their guides. If they are aware of receiving messages, they may be reticent in acting on the messages.

Yesterday, and this morning seemed full of messages!

First what makes this so relevant is that I had lunch with a friend of mine last week who acknowledged receiving intuitive messages but preferred to follow her ego, or logical mind. She said that when she followed her ego, not her intuition, there was always a consequence to doing so.

She had noticed this pattern throughout her life but was new and unsure in speaking to and being connected to her angels and guides and needed assurance that what she called intuition is really them speaking to her. I told her it certainly is!

Well, yesterday, when I was out shopping the idea of going back to one store was too hard to take. I just wanted to get home. My guide said, and yes sometimes it is a voice, not a picture or piece of video. That I could go to the store after the gym the next day i.e. this morning. That is what I did. 

I looked the location up on my iPhone and it said it opened at 9:30AM. So, there was no rush I felt. When I arrived I parked next to someone who was also waiting for the store to open. Suddenly, the driver got out of their car and disappeared. My guide suggested I get out and look at the open sign. It was on! The store opened 30 minutes earlier than advertised.

I was greeted by an assistant who came with me to help me find what I was looking for. We did not have much luck but as she went to speak to the Manager for extra advice, My guide suggested I look at the bottom of the pile of jeans on the bottom shelf of a display almost directly in front of me. I found one pair in the exact size I was looking for. Another pair I could have shortened, and one pair that will fit by the end of next week as I lose weight!!!

When I got to the checkout, each pair was 25% off, which I did not recall seeing advertised!

Another message from my guide this morning, before I went to the gym.

I paid for monthly parking on the website of the company that manages parking at the building where I work on January 1st.

The parking company had to send me a tag to hang on my rear-view mirror to show I was a monthly paid parker.

On the website it said the tag they issue will arrive in 9 -10 business days. My guide showed me a video clip of me hanging the tag on my rear-view mirror before I set out for the gym this morning. When I came out of my building, I checked my mailbox. There seemed to be nothing in it. But looking harder, at the back I saw a letter. I took it out and it was from the parking company and my tag was inside! It had arrived in just 3 days. The feeling I got when I hung the tag on my mirror was enormous thanks to my guide. 

Oh and repeating numbers, all before I got to the gym – 555, and 888.