Self-Reiki session in Nature

Starting the day with a Self-Reiki Session is a powerful way to clear the mind, the body and prepare for what is to come.

It is also an excellent way to prepare the mind for the things to come. For example, at the end fo ethos session I will ask my guides to guide my speech, my thoughts and my behaviour. I find this helps to moderate that part of me that will not let things pass if I am offended or feel ‘I should speak out,” but which will not help anyone if I do.

I also ask them to help and protect me as I drive to the different places I have to go to during the day. Amazingly, I have often seen unusually busy roads become amazingly empty of traffic, allowing me to easily drive safely to and form my destinations.

Now if it is such  positive experience, how can we enhance it? How can we make it more potent and fulfilling?

Completing the self Reiki session out in nature is the best way to enhance the experience and the value of it.

Find a place where you can be calm and close to nature and things that are growing. It could be as simple as a chair on the deck at the back of the house or a few minutes spent on a bench in a park. 

Thin about the animals and all the growing and flowering things you see round you, think about what it takes to make those things grow, what energy there must be all around you. Yes, there us a lot fo energy to absorb when you are close to nature,

Absorb it and dwell on it. When I have time to go out into nature like this, it is often early in the morning at weekends, I a there just after sun-up and I feel the early morning rays of the sun falling on my body and warming me. That is such a tremendous transfer fo energy to me.

It is perfectly alright to ask the nature angels, the angels who help the plants grow and the insects and animals thrive to share the energy that is around with you. We can all do with additional energy and support for our life force and purpose.

I have asked for and received energy during these sessions, it is amusing how well I feel afterwards.

How long to you need to be there? No longer than you would usually, or it can be extra to the early morning session f you cannot get out in to nature first thing. The important thing is that you do it not so much when.

Try and spend a few moments watching the birds and the insects as they go about their chores… they are quit fascinating, and so is the bird song at the start of the day, or indeed, at any time during the day.

One thing to try and do when you are out in nature performing this Shelf-Reiki session is to clear your busy mind. Breathe in and out and think to yourself with each breath, “I breath in to calm my body and I breath out to calm my mind.”