Self Love is Important

Being able to recognise and affirm what you have achieved, what you have endured, and what all those things will bring you today and tomorrow is important. It is not conceit, narcism, or arrogance.

You are special. From the moment you were born your guiding angels have been with you and supporting you, whether you are sensitive to them or not, they are there. The greater your sensitivity to them and their communication with you, the better and happier you will be and the less mistakes and painful lessons you will encounter, and struggle through.

It is important to recognise where you are now, and to be able to appreciate yourself.

A simple affirmation at the start of the day, and at the end, or anywhere in between is to sit still, quietly, tuning out the background noise around you and with a still clear mind, place your hand over your heart, it doesn’t matter which hand, and tell yourself, “I love you,” followed by your name.

If “I love you [insert name]” is too much, maybe you don’t love yourself. Not yet anyway, so do something a little less profound. Say, “I appreciate you… [insert name]” Or, “Thank you… [insert name].

It is OK to say the words and mention something in particular that has been very beneficial or you found your way through something very trying. In that case something like “I love you, [insert name] for the way you handled [insert what happened and what you learned from it].

Eventually, you will be able to love yourself and when you say the words, mean it!

This simple affirmation may also be said after a few moments of quiet meditation.

You, your soul, will appreciate this recognition and affirmation and your guiding angels will see and recognise your progress in your spiritual selfcare. This is especially important during this time of self-isolation when appreciating who we are is so important.