Self Healing

Healing yourself. Self Healing. Self-Care. Since being attuned to Reiki as a Master Teacher and Practitioner, my focus has been outward to those who need reiki services and healing. Part of this is because I am healthy. It is hard to see that the gift I have received should be spent on me, and not others. Selfishness has become selflessness. 

But there comes the time when a Reiki session for “me” has to be performed. Back ache, a sprained ankle or wrist, a violent cold. If I am not well, how can I help others. 

The first thing you must agree on is that you have a right to be ill and you have a right to devote your attention to yourself. So many people, not just those attuned to Reiki forget this, they do not give themselves permission to devote their time and effort only to themselves.

When we spend time healing ourselves, we benefit others. We are able to give greater energy to the healing work we do that benefit those in need. If we are ill, we are not able to put the same level of energy into our sessions. When we heal ourselves, not only are we stronger ourselves but the essential energy of Reiki flows through us more clearly and effectively.

A person in need of healing does not want to hear that the person who is going to work with them to channel Reiki energy is sick and unwell. The immediate reaction is to decline the offer of a session, saying instead that the Reiki practitioner should get better first and turn away.

How to heal ourselves?

A self-Reiki session is the same as any Reiki session we do for another. The steps are the same, the actions and wishes are the same.

For me, I ask Archangel Michael to stand guard over the session. I do not want any dark or lower energies to interfere with the session. Hey must be banished and sent back to where they came from. I can think of no better guardian than the warrior Archangel.

I ask Archangel Michael to cut and destroy any energy or etheric cords that may be attached to me. They can drain my natural energy and take Reiki energy from me and a session I am involved in. I ask Archangel Michael to fill me with his pure white light and surround me with his protective energy.

Then, I follow the steps I would follow for any Reiki session where someone has a particular illness or problem. For example, if I have a painful sprain that is the focus of my ask and work with Reiki energy. Having some knowledge of what a sprain is, is important. Reduction of swelling, reduction of inflammation, healing of the tissues that have been torn or broken as a result of what caused the injury. Flushing out the scar tissue, circulating blood and nutrients to the site of the sprain to help the tissues heal. Use Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to energize the healing session.

Form the specific to the general takes a moment. Cleaning and empowering the chakras. Removing any blocks that may be present. Clearing thoughts and feelings that may be blocking my ability to help others after this session is important. Clearing and unblocking thoughts that may be bocking me personally as needs attention. Think of the things that are blocking you. Look at the doubts, worries, fears, and anxieties need to be surrendered to the angels and guides. Use Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to energize the healing session.

Self-Reiki sessions are not just for aches, pains, and sprains. Colds, and other illnesses and imbalances in our lives can also be the reason for conducting a self-Reiki session. Just being tired, perhaps because of people around you or the environment you are in all of a sudden. Being drained when you get home form a busy and challenging days is understandable, a self-Reiki session can help you rest at night and defuse the burdens you have brought home. Use Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to energize the healing session.

At the end of the session, I thank my angels and guides as well as my Reiki guides for helping to heal me and restore the essential balance that keeps me on an even keel as well as balanced so I can help others. Use Cho Ku Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to energize the end of this healing session.

The last thing I do is thank Archangel Michael for standing guard over the session.

Now it is time to take a moment for yourself, rest, and relax in the understanding that Reiki energy will be healing you.

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