Self-Healing, every morning


Every Morning!

I pull out a chair form the dining table and set it in a space away from any distractions and practice Self-Healing. 

I sit quietly.

I ask Archangel Michael to be present. I ask that he safe guards the self-reiki session I am about to preform from dark and lower energies. 

I ask my Angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. I put a lot of emphasis on the guides that watch over me on my soul path purpose, Candice and Opame. I ask my Reiki guides who channel through Candice and my Helping Spirits who channel through Opame, who is an ancient Tibetan Shaman to be present. With all my guides, spirits present I can start myself reiki session. Because it is a “self” I do not need the traditional Reiki symbols.

I concentrate on aches, pains, and other things that have manifested themselves since the day before. We all have ailments that seemingly appear out of the blue and this is time to deal with them. In Shaman terms, these sudden illnesses are caused by spirits affecting our spirit as they come into contact with ours. In Shaman terms they can be made to stop.

I concentrate on healing. Healing is not just the cessation of whatever it is you are feeling, it is the restoration of what you were before the ache or pain.

For example, back pain may be the result of sleeping badly, or needing a new mattress. Yes, focus on the pain fading and going away, but also the strength and flexibility of the muscles and fibers that low you to participate in your favourite activity. That activity is the ultimate goal.

At the end of the session, I thank my Angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. I thank Candice and Opame and the respective guides and helping spirits. And, I thank Archangel Michael who stood guard and end the session. 

At the end of the session I think of manifesting and happy and interesting day, a calm day, one that will not add stress to me.