Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Details and information about the Root Chakra.

Sanskrit – Muladhara (translation root or base support)

Colour – red

Element – Earth

Seed Sound- LANG

Location – At the base of the spine

Physical anatomy – sacrum, coccygeal nerve plexus, adrenal glands, feet, legs, hips, bones,large intestines, anus and skin.

A healthy Root chakra is reflected in one feeling grounded, connected to the earth, comfortable in their body and present in physical surroundings. They feel responsible and well able to ensure their own safety and security as well as their family in the physical world, emotionally and spiritually. Boundaries (setting them and adhering to them) are important for this chakra. A balanced Root Chakra supports a prosperous lifestyle – as we live in a material world, this can be helpful for generating income, paying bills on time, saving for the future and alleviating the stress that comes with an inability to do so.

Root chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents sense of security, safety, ability to survive, groundedness, your place in the world, financial state and physical health.
  • Blocked symptoms are insecurity, fear, lack of personal boundaries, flightiness, anxiety, disorganization, financial problems, eating disorders, constipation and problems with the feet, legs, hips and bones
  • Overloaded symptoms are hoarding, greed, materialism, obesity, overly strict boundaries, obsession with the bodyBalance by eating protein and root vegetables, sleeping more, massage, exercise, feeling your feet against the earth.
  • Yoga poses that will assist in balancing this chakra – Mountain, Tree and Corpse pose.

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

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