Remote Reiki

You do not have to have a picture of someone or know them personally to do a Remote or distance Reiki session, but having a name and location is preferable. You will get an impression of them or maybe see lights, colors or a silhouette. 

First, visualize the person and if you have their verbal permission draw the symbol in the air with your palm outstretched, repeat the words, “Hon sha ze sho nen” and draw the other two symbols, also repeating the name three times. Then proceed with the session. If you do not have verbal permission close your eyes, bring yourself to a peaceful state and ask psychically for permission. You will usually get a definite yes or no. 

If the answer is No, do not proceed with the session. 

If you do not get an answer you can send the energy with the clear intent that it be accepted by free will only.  Intend that if the energy is not accepted by the person you are sending it to, it will be recycled to someone else who needs it or the Planet Earth.

After you have asked permission and received it, I ask Archangel Michael to be present. I ask him to protect the session against any energy, that might try and interfere with it.

I also request that the Archangel cut any energy cords, aetheric cords, or cords of any type that may have attached to the recipient. The intent of the cords is to drain energy from whoever they are attached to. At the other end they are attached to a person, who rather like a leach is taking the energy, and asking for more.

I then ask the Archangel to fill the recipient with his bright white light and surround them with his protective energy.

Then, draw all three symbols and repeat the words three times, you can then proceed to the session. This can be done two ways:

•          See the person in front of you either standing or lying down on a table and move your hands down the body as in a regular hands-on session most recommended

•          See the person as being very small and fitting within your hands as you visualize Reiki energy passing from your hands to areas healing is required

After completing your distance session, visualize your client as being whole and complete and free of whatever problems they were experiencing. 

See them as rested, relaxed and pain free.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

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