Remote Reiki Case study

Being bitten by a dog no matter how big or small the dog is represents trauma to the body. What follows is a Remote Reiki Case study of how Reiki Healing Energy was used in conjunction with normal medical treatment to speed up healing, and reduce the affects of the trauma on our client. 

On a Sunday in August this year I received a text from a client I had worked with in the past showing the following picture. She had been bitten by a large dog and was in a local hospital being treated for the bite. She asked for a remote Reiki session. The picture shown below is of the puncture wounds and some antiseptic ointment.

Dog bite being treated in hospital
Dog Bite being treated in hospital

The wound had caused physical injury which was obvious, but less obvious was the stress and strain placed on the Chakras and the bodies energy systems.

My remote Reiki treatment involved rebalancing and realizing the client’s Chakras to help them regain their balance and reduce stress from misaligned Chakras.

Also, directing Reiki energy to clean and purify her blood and removing any toxins from the dogs mouth and saliva. Reduction in inflammation was also called for. Above all though a good night’s sleep free from any anxiety from the experience was called for.

Dog bite un bandaged a week later
The dog bite un bandaged a week later.

The second photo was taken a week later when the wound was unbadged due to fears of infection. the swelling has gone down, the injury is remarkably lessened and there is no infection. The client was able to continue her life with minimal bandages and go on holiday a few weeks later. 

The effective combination of medical and Reiki treatment helped our client manage the affects of the incident and heal faster so she could continue with her life.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.