Episode 3 – Releasing spiritual blocks from past lives

This video discusses how to release the blocks and move forward with those parts of your life previously blocked.

As our soul moves through different lives we can do carry with us things that are relevant from a past life that block us in this existence. They are carried over or, they manifest themselves in a later, unrelated life.

Typical of these are oaths, and ways of living, for example:

An oath of celibacy or chastity in past ages came with a monastic life of study, religious devotion, and an unmarried or sexual abstinence in life. 

An oath of poverty as it suggests eschews accumulation of wealth and accepting the bare minimum in life style.

An oath of obedience means a person follows instructions and rules set down by an authority figure. This is different from compliance where the person is influenced by peers, or conformity where the person seeks to match their behaviour with those of people around them.

Anyone of these oaths, or, combination of oaths, or a belief that has a strong, molding effect on a person’s life can affect you in this life and future lives to come.