What is Reiki?

  1. A powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy vital to your physical and spititual body
  2. An evolutionary process that increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in life
  3. Always available once attuned to reiki energy you never lose it
  4. Safe to use anytime, anyplace and in any situation, it’s easy to use
  5. An individual experience
  6. Restores and balances natural energy
  7. For preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness and helping the healing process
  8. A powerful tool for personal development and spiritual enlightenment
  9. A precise self-help technique for personal growth and transformation
  10. for you and for everyone alive who desires a higher quality of life
  11. A completely self-contained natural healing system
  12. Spiritually guided
  13. Transcendental energy. It works with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  14. Safe, it cannot be used to manipulate or control
  15. Brings the body to its own natural balance allowing it to heal itself
  16. Healing is a by-product which occurs when the body is filled with this divine energy
  17. Re-connects the body with the holographic image of perfection (or perfect light) contained within its cellular structure
  18. Stills chaotic energy and brings clear focus and improved concentration 
  19. Purifies and aligns energy level of your being, breaking down old patterns of thinking, speaking, feeling and acting. 
  20. Reiki evokes a unique memory; you are ONE with ALL THAT IS.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level I Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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