Reiki Weight Loss

Reiki Weight Loss – weight gain is associated with a number of medical conditions and disorders that compound and make others worse. Obesity puts a lot of strain on the heart, circulatory system as well as the spine and joints to name a few conditions. 

These medical conditions are quite separate from those related to fashion, clothing, and more.

So, weight loss is good, yes, no? While the answer is yes, the fact is weight loss can be a struggle. A never-ending search for the formula, the combination of things that will help you lose weight. Exercise, running, walking or biking. Joining gym. Diet pills, dieting and diet plans. Gadgets and special clothing you wear all of which are supposed to melt away the fat but inevitably, there is no result. Maybe a few pounds, that is all.

One aspect of Reiki is affirmation, or intention. Engage with the energy of Reiki and apply it to your intention to lose weight, when you run on eth treadmill, when you ride the bicycle or take part in an exercise class, be clear about your intention to lose weight.

While you are doing this, take care to look at hydration, keep your body replenished with water for all the exercise you are doing. Look at your diet. Reduce the things you know are bad for you. Getting home, having a shower, making a healthy dinner with the intention that the meal, a balance of carbohydrates, good fats and protein are the fuel for your body. The chips you munch while watching TV after dinner are not the fuel your body needs.

If you are attuned to Reiki use your knowledge of Reiki and the power of intention to help you release weight.

Cho Ku Rei is the power symbol. Energize your body, especially your feet with its energy. Draw it over your legs and feet with your hand and announce your intention to have every step, every movement of your body reduce your body weight.

If you are going on a walk, or to the gym, concentrate on your intention to lose weight as a result of what you are doing.

To help with weight loss when you are not able to concentrate on your intention, such as at work, or driving, or playing a sport, carry crystal in a small pouch.

Before you start using your crystals, cleanse them of energies they have accumulated from others. Once the crystals have been cleared, make the crystals yours, imprint your energy, your aura and energies on them

According to The Times of India, the crystals associated with weight loss are:

  • Blue Apatite
  • Sodalite
  • White quartz

If the crystals are large you can hold them in your hand as you meditate, or sit still and clear your mind and affirm your intention.

If the crystals are smaller, and can fit in a small bag, hold the bag of all three crystals in one hand, usually your dominant hand or the hand in which you receive Reiki energy. Smaller crystals have the advantage of being in a small bag you can put in your purse or jacket pocket.

Placing crystals on your yoga mat, or next to it is another way of affirming your attention while stirring the energy in your body.

Be careful of your busy, ego driven mind. Do not refer to losing weight, dropping weight or anything associated with loss. Your busy mind will try to find it and restore what is lost or dropped. Think of giving up willingly. Whenever you think of your affirmation to reduce weight, think of “releasing” it.

Why not book a remote Reiki session to help with spiritual clearing and cord cutting before starting Reiki Weight Loss?

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