Reiki Vision Board

What is a Reiki Vision Board? Well, traditionally it is some sort of board, a peg board, a cork board or a magnetic board onto which you can attach images and words that are motivational and express your desire for something. 

That something may be material, physical, health related or spiritual. Usually it is something for yourself or your family.

The images and descriptions of what you want to manifest are guides not exact statements. The trick here is that if the universe manifests something for you that is on your vision board but is not exactly what is in the images and descriptions, do not be upset or unhappy at the difference. Be open to accepting what you are receiving, not what you wished for. If the vehicle you receive is grey, not white, accept it. If the engagement ring has three diamonds, not five but the diamonds are of better quality, accept the ring. And, take joy in it and thank the universe and your angels and guides for what has arrived.

Manifest this or something better now and for you [my] highest good. Energize the Law of Attraction!

Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words
Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words

What you have done with your vision board is make a statement and prepared your mind for your desires, but you have also created flexibility and openness for the difference that arrives. As an example, the last car that came to me was one I had never seen before, by a manufacturer I had not considered. I put the need and desire out to the universe along with the characteristic of the vehicle. Then I used a service provided by someone I knew who would hunt down a suitable vehicle. What arrived was and is perfect and has been for the past ten years. 

To charge the vision board with Reiki, write out what you are feeling and why. If you are attuned to Reiki, add the power symbol to the beginning and end of your words. Add the symbol next to words or images that are important or significant to you. 

Gently fold the paper in your hands and hold it in front of you while you ask the universe and your Reiki guides to add energy to what is on the piece of paper. Add that paper to the images and wishes on the vision board.

If you are not attuned to Reiki or only at Level 1, simply touch the vision board and quietly think of what it is you are manifesting.One last thing. Write out your manifestation wishes, make them detailed and include small things, things that may have not made it on to the vision board on the wall. Roll up the paper and put an elastic band around them and put them in a drawer as a record of what you have just completed. Take the rolls of paper out from time to time and read them. When you have received something, check it off and say “Thank you!” then roll the paper up again and put it away.

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