Reiki II Sacred Symbols – Hunshazishuneen

Hunshazishuneen pronounced “Hone sha say show nun”. This symbol carries the meaning of “The Divine Power in me greets the Divine Power in you to promote enlightenment and peace”. The direct translation is “The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you”. This symbol transmits Reiki across distance, space and time and is used primarily for distance healing. 

NOTE: There is an integrity requirement for doing long distance Reiki as there is for doing hands-on Reiki and that is to get the person’s permissions first. Distance Healing should never be done on someone without permissions, as they will feel it, and may not know what is happening to them and get upset.  Hunshazishuneen is a bridge between two worlds, transcending time and space.

This article is derived form our Reiki II Student Manual available on Amazon.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

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