Reiki… A Remote Session

A Reiki Remote Energy session is very similar to an in person session except “distance” reiki symbols that allow energy to be directed to an intended recipient who is at a distance.

A Crystal is used to determine if there is any healing required other than balancing of the chakras and any special attention that is requested in the comments below. The goal is to achieve healing or relief of symptoms in a specific part of the body.

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At the time of the appointment,  you may choose to lie down or make yourself comfortable by engaging in some deep breathing exercises,  meditating or simply relaxing and allowing the healing energy to surround you.

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This is an ancient and natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  This modality works well in conjunction with standard medical treatment from licensed medical professionals as the main purpose of a healing session is to reduce stress and to relax the recipient so that they are able to self-heal themselves or speed healing on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally.   

Energy healers do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.