Reiki Positivity Releases stress

Reiki Positivity Release stress 

Reiki Attunement, at any level increase our sensitivity and connection an energy of a higher vibration. Reiki energy is pure, healing, and increase our sensitivity to all living things around us.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased our collective worry and anguish about our lives, politics, the environment, and our families. Without a vaccine, or other medical healing available, the risk of contracting the virus is very serious.

Out of all of this, we need to see how we can forge new beginnings, and that in itself is stressful.

To create new beginnings requires change, in who we are and what we are doing. We must change how we recognise and work with others, who themselves, are in the process of changing. Change never creates comfort, there is always a certain level of discomfort, because discomfort is what makes us move forward.

Feelings of discomfort and anxiety, within yourself, or the outside world can be reduced if you have a Reiki practitioner who is able to provide Reiki distance healing, and self-healing for accidents and things that happen in your life. The benefits of distance healing will help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Positivity in the face of anxiety and stress can help reduce your inner unease. Send out these thoughts and feelings to those around you, even pets. They pick up on the stress and worry of us humans. They need some comfort and feelings of positivity. Ask your angels and guides for help in relieving you of what worries you.

Talk to and with your Reiki practitioner to understand how you can send your feeling of happiness and balance out to the greater world.

Learn to be more Mindful and in the moment. Reduce the ability of your busy mind to take over and churn about things you cannot change. 

Learn to meditate, even if only for a few minutes, that is long enough for you to start feeling the benefit of detaching and being more in the moment. Combine your meditation with Mindfulness to get the most benefit.

Then, practice both so that your meditation time is longer and more mindful.

Check out our eBook and paperback book on Mindfulness

Repeat your attention to Reiki and its Five Principals daily and meditate on them to bring their values into focus.

Go out into nature each day of you can. Even if you cannot spend a lot of time in nature, recognize the animals and the growing and living things around you when you are able to.

I prefer to be out by water, trees and places where animals and insects can live without the hand of man being noticeable. Nature is an energy source and recharges and nourishes your soul.

Use Reiki self-healing to create moments of calm and peace of mind.

Create a sanctuary – This is a place where you can disconnect from social media, the news, and the barrage of the busy world. It is a place where you can be at one with yourself. If you are able to meditate do so, if you are able to be mindful and, in the moment, use the space and the time to practice more deeply.

When someone does something nice for you, even if you don’t know them. Say thank you. Gratitude is often returned, if not immediately, it can be found the next time you encounter that person. 

Don’t forget that you make a difference in other people’s lives. Don’t think you do not. Many small changes by you help make larger changes for all around you. Be an inspiration by focusing on the positives. 

Repeat the Reiki Principles – channel your energy into understanding each of them and how they affect your everyday life. Stay focused on them with heart felt appreciation and give yourself permission to be as happy as you can be. 

Mark Ashford is Reiki Registered Teacher and practitioner under CRA.

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