Reiki Personal Clearing

Reiki Personal Clearing can help with Spiritual clearing, it is rather like a physical Detoxification program. Detox programs aim to clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body.

From a spiritual point of view, Reiki can do the same. We all need a spiritual cleanse from time to time.

A reiki Personal Clearing session can be performed by a qualified Reiki Practitioner if you are not attuned to Reiki energy. Reiki balances and cleanses your Chakras.

Whether or not you combine a physical detox program with a Reiki PersonL Cleansing, is up to you.

A Reiki Personal Clearing is quiet time. It is time to sit quietly, with no distractions, if you are attuned to Chu Ku Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol, draw it it in front of you, and in the air in each direction of the space you are sitting in.

Close you eyes and slow down your busy mind, as your mind slows down it will clear until your mind is totally free of thoughts. Ask Reiki energy to help clear and then refuel your Chakras. Feel the energy flow from universe to each of your Chakras.

So not worry if the Chakras do not clear and refuel from the root to the crown. The Chakras are a circle of energy, as I say, “from the root to the crown, and from the crown to the root.” Reiki energy will cleanse and refuel the Chakras in the order they need it but always making sure that all Chakras are full with potency.

During the process, if there are any thoughts that appear in your mind, do nothing with or about them. Let them pass without anything being done. If they are important, they will resurface at another time, this is your Reiki Personal Clearing session, that is all you are concerned with.

At the end of the session, draw Chu Ku Rei once again in front of you, and in the air in each direction of the space you are sitting in.

You can perform the Reiki Personal Clearing as often as you need, but each night as I lay in bed  and before I go to sleep I ask my Archangels to Clean and Balance my Chakras. This will help keep chakras balanced and clean, which means less work to do when you sit down for a deeper  Clearing.

To help with a Reiki Personal Clearing session, book a session with Mark.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Shiki Rhoyo Master Teacher.

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