Reiki is a very calming energy

Reiki is a very calming energy. As we move through our day, there will be moments when life throws us an emergency, almost as a way to find out how we will deal with it. I recall breaking down one day on the way to work and getting out of the car and kicking it as if it were its fault that something had broken and the car could not continue working. I had frustration and anger that my plans for the day had been interrupted.

Today, I have Reiki in my life. I am attuned and experienced with it and my Reiki and also Shaman guides. Naturally, they give me relaxation and calmness in dealing with those little emergencies that disrupt our day, or days.

Today, many years later, I was on the way to take the car into a mechanic, different car from the previous one! It was due to have a fault diagnosed which I wanted him to repair. The car broke down on the way to the mechanic’s shop and the company I called to tow my car, also had a break down which delayed their response to rescuing me.

Reiki helped me stay calm and not to worry, not to become distraught and most of all not to get angry at a situation I could not change. Above all I had a feeling of Gratitude.

Gratitude because the break down happened at the moment I could still coax the car around a corner into a side street. I had not stopped in a busy street; I had not disrupted the lives of all the other people driving behind me by making the go around me. Most of all the break down had not resulted in an accident.

Most of all though, as I sat in the car waiting for the tow truck, I had control of my ego and my busy mind. My ego is not allowed to dwell on feelings of inadequacy that I am sitting in a car that has broken down. Even the most expensive cars break down, there is nothing wrong with the fact my car has failed. 

My busy mind was not allowed to churn with all its thoughts, worries, complaints, doubts, and fears that create scenarios that soon spiral out of control in the way it likes to. I was safe, so were all the other people on the busy road and I had somewhere dry and warm to stay in as I waited.

I am deeply grateful for Reiki. It gives me calmness and peace of mind. It gives me control of my ego, my busy worrying mind. 

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