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Modern medicine differs from Reiki Healing. Modern medicine deals with problems, it provides solutions and methods and approaches intended to resolve the problem. If a bone is broken, it is reset and immobilized until new bone has grown and the break is sealed. When the immobilizing cast is removed some physio therapy is applied to regain muscle tone and flexibility. Batteries of tests can be performed to determine hormonal and other factors that appear in the blood as indicators of organ problems, or problems with the efficiency of the body. 

The approach is very effective, in crisis situations, the desired resolution can be determined quickly and applied affectively as the procedures for both are well understood. With our fast paced, ego driven world, the quicker a problem can be determined and a solution applied the better. We can get back to our lives that much sooner. We tend to think in terms of procedures, pills, injections and surgery. This detaches us from the essential think we care about, our bodies, the container for our soul. 

It is not that we have no responsibility for our health, but we have largely given over that accountability to someone else the doctor, or the pharmacist. We have placed the deciding vote about our health in the hands of others.

Reiki Healing has more to offer than reducing pain, supporting a person’s soul during illness or boosting the healing process to make it more effective. This is all well and good, but it is also limiting Reiki Healing to a small role, it has much more capability. It has the capability to bring the mind and body together. The mind is a powerful tool to bring to the healing argument. 

I had Reiki sessions several times before I started to study Reiki and eventually became attuned to Reiki and ultimately became a practitioner and teacher. In all cases, a Reiki session was like a deep meditative state. And, like a meditation session, I was not only rested but a lot of clearing had taken place which brought renewed sense of balance.

Balance from a Reiki session, is more than just applicable to anything that is wrong with our bodies in that moment. Removal of bonds and ties to the past, to shedding and removing bad habits and creating new links to healthier ways of living, mental attitudes that prefer the healthy over the unhealthy. Changing emotional connections and recognizing the connections that are not benefiting us and should be allowed to end. These healthier patterns are what we call Reiki Healing. As you recover form your broken arm or leg, these changes can help you heal quicker.

Perhaps the best outcome for a Reiki Healing session is the opening up of your mind and souls to the possibility of 

We can release old emotional wounds more easily, becoming free of the energetic bonds to the past. Our minds can more easily rewire to healthier patterns of thought and behavior. Choosing a new path for our life, our relationships, our hopes and dreams and willingness to recognize what is good and bad in our emotional connections can set us on a new and healthier path. choose a new path.

There is one commitment you need to agree to, you need to have more responsibility for your own well-being and be motivated to take the steps forward as they become clear. This is your part of the bargain with Reiki Healing, it will help you if you help yourself.

Change is always uncomfortable, old habits die hard they say, so, some effort will be required by you as well. If you are overweight because of a bad diet and lack of exercise, Reiki Healing will help you recognize that and why you are that way but it will not stop you from buying a cheeseburger, and a big drink, instead of the salad, you have free will, it is up to you to make the choice and choose wisely from the menu.

Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy. It is all around us, supporting our existence. 

I kind of new this before I had my first Reiki Healing session but most people are unaware of it at all. The session brought the awareness of Reiki and the Life Force Energy front and center on my life. Don’t just call on Reiki to for help when we are in pain, sick or have a problem, work with it, combine with it, all the time. Reiki is not outside of us; it is inside of us. We started this post talking about how we treat medicine and healing, we see that as a pill, a procedure, a drug, something that is outside of us and administered according to the instructions of someone outside on the outside. 

Don’t treat Reiki that way. Trust Reiki. Reiki is not a bandage, a pill, a drug, a procedure. It is not something you do on demand, when something is wrong. A Reiki Session is not just for when something is wrong with you. It is something you practice for yourself every day. Reiki offers clarity and growth.

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