Reiki Healing

When preforming a self-Reiki session, hand positions may be placed directly on the physical body or just over the area specified.  When performing Reiki on others, you must gain permission to do ‘hands on healing’ – otherwise assume all hand positions are done with the hand hovering over the area you are focusing energy toward. 

Since Reiki is working solely with energy, it is sometimes much easier to feel the energy flowing both for channeling Reiki energy and also for feeling blockages in chakras when hands are held a few inches away from the physical body as you are now working directly with the client’s energy. 

During a self-Reiki session, it is of course appropriate to allow your hands, to touch your own body when you want to direct Reiki energy to a specific location. Reiki energy is intelligent. If you have back pain and cannot reach the location, place them on the front of yourself. Reiki energy will go to the affected place.

If you are working with a recipient other than yourself, touching must be discussed with them and approved before the session starts so they are aware of what will happen. 

Suggested hand positions:

Place slightly cupped hands gently over, but not pressing on eyes. This covers Third Eye Chakra. 

Move hands to the side of the face, thumbs rest just beneath the ears and palms cover cheeks

With thumbs and index fingers touching, place hands together at the back of the head fingers reaching to crown of head. (Crown chakra and back of Third eye chakra) 

Move hands to the sides and front for the 

throat (base of hands meeting under chin, fingers reaching to under ear area) *position can also be held lower at collarbone if uncomfortable.  

Place hands over breastbone, fingers meeting in center (Heart chakra) Alternatively, hands can be placed over breastbone, side by side, little finger touching thumb of other hand.

Hands placed just below the rib cage, fingers meeting in center (Solar Plexus chakra). Alternatively, hands may also be placed side by side, little finger touching thumb of other hand.

Hands placed just below navel area (Sacral Chakra) either pointing towards each other, fingers meeting at center or side by side, little finger touching thumb of other hand.

Hands placed just over groin area (Root Chakra) pointing down in a ‘v’ fingers touching.

Place hands on the back of lower neck, fingers meeting in between the top of the shoulder blades. (Throat chakra)

 Place hands on your middle back, fingers reaching towards each other, touching if possible. (Heart chakra)

Move hands down to just below rib cage, same positioning as above (Solar plexus and Sacral chakra)

Move hands to the base of spine and place in a ‘V’ position fingers touching (Root chakra)

*the following hand positions are not required for a regular Self Reiki treatment however are beneficial for grounding

Sitting and alternating knees, cup hands around the front and back of each knee.

Alternating ankles, cup both hands around the front and back of each ankle.

Alternating feet, place both hands flat along the base of each foot.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level I Student Manual

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