Reiki for a Good Night’s Sleep

Restful Reiki, Reiki for a Good Night’s Sleep, yes sleep. We sleep every night, and sometimes we nap during the day, if we have the opportunity.

How much we sleep is not so important as how well, or the quality of the sleep we get. While some will sleep for eight hours, some for six or even less, and some for nine hours. When life is demanding, the time we sleep may vary. Someone used to sleep for six may suddenly start sleeping for eight hours.

It is all down to the quality of sleep we get. It is all down to what our body and our mind’s need that drives the duration and the quality of sleep. This is why, people with busy hectic lives are often sleep deprived. They wake up after a night’s sleep according to their alarm clock, not when their body is finished resting, because they have to, in order to get on with the chores and tasks of the day ahead.

Whenever I have a Reiki session I feel so rested, and when I get home, it is a certainty I will get a restful sleep. But long before that session, years before that session I made a commitment to myself that I would take care of this container, this physical body my existence in this life depends on. 

I would do good and beneficial things for it. Good exercise, good nutrition, good sleep, good relaxation. Do things that are interesting and stimulating and not allow toxic and stressful people into my life, and if they snuck in, evict them quickly. Above all, not to endure stressful and toxic places and work any longer than I need to.

I added a routine to my preparation for going to bed. To clear away all the burdens and events of the day so that none are carried over into my dreams. Sit quietly and ask Archangel Michael to be present and ask him to use his sword to cut any cords, attached to, my souls, my spirit, my physical self or my chakras. Then, I ask him to fill me with his pure white light and protect me with his energy.

I thank my guides for their help during the day and tell them I love them, but before that, I tell myself that I love me, I need to know that I am loved. We tend to go through life without recognising what this body does for our spirit.

If I have any aches and pains, I treat them in a self-Reiki session. Aches and pains can be emotional, and they can be about the racing, ego driven mind. Calm and heal those types of aches and pains as well.

As I go into the bedroom, I see myself in a cocoon of healing peaceful energy watched over by my guides. 

Because I may wake up in the evening I ask one of my guides to help me get back to sleep quickly.

Last, I ask all my angels and guides to join me in my dreams and to leave any messages I need to know there for when I wake up.

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Reiki Symbol in Gold on a White Background

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