Reiki and our Home Life

Reiki and our Home Life, when we were born, we were born into a family, at least for most of us that is. But even if we were not born into a flesh and blood family, there will be caregivers around us and a place we can call sanctuary.

The family is a container, a place containing people, warmth, security and a space where we can be away from others. It is a place we exist in for many years as we grow and develop. It is the first place where we learn to interact with others and understand their responses to us.

It is a place of love and energy, where we show our successes and ask for help with our failures. It is also a pace where we learn to detoxify ourselves of the stress and strains, we endure during each day of our lives. It is how we find purpose in the day and strength for the next day.

Reiki can be intensely helpful in the stages of life we go through as we grow. Reiki is an intelligent healing energy form the universe; it is all around us, and it is available to all of us.

If you are attuned to Reiki, you can help your family with Reiki energy. When I say family, I mean all of the family, not just the one who is in need of spiritual energy. Of course, if there is someone in need, yes, give them a Reiki session and energy. But all in the family are affected, give energy to them as well.

Before giving energy, always detoxify or spiritually cleanse who will receive Reiki. If you are not attuned to Reiki, a remote healing session can be organised for the family and the individual who most needs it. At, we offer those sessions. The connection is remote, and without any contact. 

Reiki, in person or remote can he used to help those who have a disease, or condition that affects all the family but manifests itself in one person. It can be used with conditions such as cancer, to help prepare the body before medical intervention, sustain the body during treatment and help heal it afterwards.

To extend Reiki energy to any group consider how you are attuned to Reiki. You need to be attuned to receive and use Cho Ku Rei, the power symbol and Hunshazishuneen pronounced “Hone sha say show nun” which is the distance symbol.

The session is intended to help each individual in the group and the group as a whole. Ask the guardian angels for each member of the group to be present and to assist with transmission of Reiki energy to the person they are spiritually connected to.

The session, as with all Reiki Sessions should be guarded by Archangel Michael. His power and wisdom should be invoked to protect the session form dark and lower energies, or any energies that might try and disrupt the session.

Reiki Symbol Hunshazishuneen
The third Reiki symbol – HON SHA ZE SHO NEN. Its main values: “There is no past, present, future, since it all – now!” . Vector illustration

This symbol carries the meaning of “The Divine Power in me greets the Divine Power in you to promote enlightenment and peace.” The direct translation is “The Buddha in me sees the Buddha in you”. This symbol transmits Reiki across distance, space and time and is used primarily for distance healing. 

NOTE: There is an integrity requirement for doing long distance Reiki as there is for doing hands-on Reiki and that is to get the person’s permissions first. Distance Healing should never be done on someone without permissions, as they will feel it, and may not know what is happening to them and get upset. Hunshazishuneen is a bridge between two worlds, transcending time and space.

Hunshazishuneen can be used for other purposes other than during a Reiki session. Consider the following:

  • It is the heavenly connection used to send absentee healing
  • Always draw the symbol once and say the name three times
  • It should always be used in combination with other symbols, especially Power Symbol which activates it
  • It always comes first
  • Use to send treatments to past, present, future or to other dimensions
  • Use to tune into a person or situation
  • It accesses the Akashic Records life records of each soul’s many incarnations, karmic goals, debts, contracts and life purpose of each incarnation
  • Past life patterns and karmic debts can be uncovered and released using the symbol during hands on treatment

After sending Reiki energy to each person in the group, switch focus to the group as a whole. As you do, ask each member’s guardian angels to be present and help with the delivery and integration of Reiki energy with the individual.

At the end, concentrate on the group, all members together and send Reiki energy to the group, to let it help and heal the group interactions. Seal the session and send Reiki with Cho Ku Rei.

Reiki Symbol CHO KU REI
The first Reiki symbol CHO KU REI. Its main values: “God is here” and “Direct the energy at a given point”. Vector illustration

Always… always, thank Archangel Michael for protecting the session and close it.

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