Prayer is often interrupted to mean the observance we show in western religions though ‘prayer’ is the name we give to observance in all religions. We see it as a moment when we are still when we try to block out our busy minds and contemplate or think about events, people and emotions.

Thanking our guides and angels for their help, assistance and understanding is an important thing to do. They are with us throughout or lives and help us when we call on them selflessly.

There are other interpretations for prayer and they do not involve us getting down on our need and putting our hands together.

Positive things that help people, whether we know the or not is a ‘prayer.’

It could be hugging a friend or someone we have not seen for a long time, or conversely someone we will not be seeing for a while.

Inviting family and friends over and cooking something special for them, cooking something they each like is a prayer. We are doing something to nourish them physically but also showing them how much we care about them that we will spend the time and make the effort.

Sending someone in need the energy and strength they need is a prayer.

Forgiveness, is a two way thing. They say they are sorry and we accept it. But when we forgive them in our hearts, that is a prayer. A prayer for us, we are closing a door on something that happened. It is not forgotten but the thoughts and animosity attached to it are no longer present. They are gone.

Prayer is a vibration within you and a feeling at the same time. It is a thought, that is clear and fill of love, friendship,  and genuine relationships. 

Prayer is an expression of your silent being. It is an expression fo energy and comes through all types of energy. 

Reiki Healing Energy helps us to enlist the help of our Guides and Angels and focus the energy they bring us for the prayers we carry out each day.