Personal Forgiveness and Gratitude

Personal Forgiveness and Gratitude

Personal Forgiveness and Gratitude are part of the way you heal from past spiritual or emotional injuries. We all encounter spirit and emotional injuries. They can be personal or career related. 

A personal relationship injury could be a divorce. After being with a partner for years, perhaps having children, and then discovering the connection is no longer there, that who was your partner now no longer sees you as being their companion can be heart wrenching. Or, working for a company for years, giving time, and emotional energy to make everything you are doing successful but then hearing you are no longer needed, your job has been ended and you are to leave, can be damaging to your emotional well being.

When these things happen in life, taking responsibility for your life can be difficult. It is easier to give my life and energy away to others in the form of complaints and blame. 

The first best thing to do is to give your anger and concerns to your angles and guides. Anger is a consuming energy that draws from your spiritual well but does not return anything. Concern is the same, it is just another word to describe a busy worrying mind that likes to churn and anguish over things that cannot be changed. You need to be rid of these draining energies and look to new things, new hopes, new desires, new opportunities.

As you look forward to new experiences and new successes, and new relationships, you also need to spend some time forgiving the situations that are now not part of your life. The personal break up, forgive yourself for any part you played in it. Forgive your partner for what happened then. The close that chapter in your book of life. Turn the page. Move the book mark to a new section, and continue from there.

If it was the loss fo a job, there is a reason for it. Situations change, the impact of competition on a company changes it needs and the way things are done and in the end the company must try and survive the changes. This doesn’t change the hurt and pain for “no longer being needed” but you need to see the value you gave and how you were successful, when you were successful and be happy about that. The close that chapter in your book of life. Turn the page. Move the book mark to a new section, and continue from there.

Be open to new opportunities and changes, walk with your head up and not looking down. Be grateful to your angels and guides for taking the burden of your worries and sorrows from your mind and your shoulders.

Reiki is very supportive in situations when life takes a bad turn. If you are attuned to Reiki, settle down and let Reiki energy pass through you and refresh your chakras. Refresh your mind and your energy. In your quite space, draw Chu Ku Rei, the power symbol, and Sei He Ki. Sei He Ki is used for mental healing, accessing the subconscious and calming the mind. The translations mean “as above, so below” and represents Divine Source and human coming together. The use of this symbol is to address the emotional component behind physical diseases or energy blocks. This symbol is intended to calm the conscious mind and allow the subconscious memories of pain or trauma to come to the surface and be released.

Another adaptation is the Sei He Ki Chiryo Ho technique. It is a powerful way to release and transform unwanted habits, attitudes, and addictions. By the way, worry about things you cannot change is an addiction! The “worry or depression” habit may reside on more than one level of a person’s Being. Sei He Ki Chiryo Ho works by planting a suggestion or activating a thought into the subconscious mind, enabling the mind to re-program and experience the vibration of this new thought pattern.

As you learn to heal and move on, be grateful for the changes taking place within you. Express your gratitude in your mind and say it to yourself every morning and evening. The changes are within you and you want to place your hand over your heart and tell yourself, you love yourself for all that has happened since you were sad and confused and hurt. You are glad you put those things behind you.

Life is a journey, a journey where each step has something to learn. Take the lesson, the instructions and the learning for what it is, not what your over active worry mind creates. 

If you are not attuned to Reiki, book a session with a Reiki practitioner. Before the session starts, discuss what has brought you there and how you feel. Do not concern yourself with the outcome, Reiki can take care of that. Let Reiki help you, lead you and change you for the better, not just with how you are now, but set you on the path to being where you need to be in the future.

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