Fog on the water…

Fog on the water… even at mid day today there was fog on the lake and it was thick and plentiful enough to drift inland.

Some days, when we wake up, life seems to be covered in fog. We have no idea what we are doing or why, and any goals we knew we had yesterday are hidden and cannot be located.

But there are a couple of things you can do to help you clear the fog covering your life.

The first is to get away from the mad rush of life. Turn off or mute the cell phone, turn off the radio and TV. I have taken to driving without anything playing the car. No radio, no CD player, no iPod plugged in to the stereo deck. I choose not to listen to the radio mostly because of the nonsensical and repetitive advertising, but also because the news tends to shout the worst of things happening in the world and I do not need that. Or I should say, I chose not to need that

I wind down the windows, there is a surprising amount of natural things around that sound really good as an alternative, birds and animals for example. Ok I know this may not work on the highway, but it will work well on the side roads. Even the wind, cool or hot that comes in through the open windows brings nature and the good things in the world into the car as I drive.

If you can find a bench in some green space, sit even for a few minutes and close you eyes and clear your mind. It takes practice to keep from drifting off into ‘busy mind’ where you think of all the possibilities that could happen, good or bad connected with a situation that is concerning you. 

You want a clear mind, breathe in and out deeply. As you breathe out think of the things in your life you want to send away form your life. Breath out worry; breathe out fear; breathe out stress; breathe out doubt. As you inhale, with each inhale of breathe think of the things you want to bring in to your life.

Merge the breathing in of things you want to bring into your life with things you want to manifest. Breathe in abundance in health; breathe in abundance in love; breathe in abundance of wealth; breathe in abundance of success. Breathe in something else you want. 

Then just relax. If possible, take of your shoes and place the bare souls of your feet on the ground, feel ground under them and imagine your connection to the soul going under the surface and down into the ground like roots of a tree.

Think about your guides, your guardian angels and those spirits that have been with us since before we were born and are with us through our mortal lives supporting and helping us. Even if you have not connected deeply with them, these moments of quiet are the best times to reach out to them and ask for help, support, caring, and of course, guidance. You may not feel something from then right way, give it time. 

Above all, while you sit there, try and not get distracted by other things happening around you. And, if some animals, birds, squirrels and watch them, take pleasure in them, they are going about their day without all the concerns we humans have built around us.

The sun will come out and burn off the mist as will the peace and quiet in your spirit from these simple exercises and don’t forget, breathing out the toxins in your life and breathing the abundance and happiness you seek only takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere you can be quiet for those few minutes.

Toxic People, Toxic Places

So what are the best coping mechanisms to deal with these people and situations?
We have free will, we do not have to stay connected to toxic people or places. But sometimes this maybe our work place and or a person at work. It could even be a relative and we know the saying, “we cannot choose our relatives!
The first thing I complete is the ritual I described in breaking connections in my recent post.
I sit quietly, and ask Archangel Michael to sever any energy cords attached to my soul, spirit, or aura. I want him to cut the cords and destroy them. I then ask him to fill me up with pure white light and protect me with his energy.
I will do this at the beginibg and end of the day, or after being somewhere or with someone I consider toxic. You can speak the shirt mantra or think it. Some people will “wipe their hands over their face, head and upper body as if they were brus bg away cords or spider threads.
I prefer to think of the. It’s I am cutting as if they were octopus legs, you know, they have suction cups that attach to things and hold on tightly. I see Michael cutting the suction cups and their legs shrivelling up and disappearing.
In the case of a place i have to be or with a person I have to interact with consistently I ask for specific protection and assurance while I have to be there or with the person.
Because these situations and people create worry, guilt, stress, fear, unhappiness and other feelings that drain your energy, I ask that these be taken from me by Archangel Michael with the help of my angels and for them to provide me with rest and happiness.
Finally, I thank The Archangel and my angels and guardian angels for their help through the day that has just passed, or, if it is the morning, before the day starts.
Don’t forget your guardian angels! They are with you throughout the day, at any time you can call on them to help you with a situation as it occurs or develops.


Gratitude is about saying thank you.

Parents teach us to say thank you, thanks, or offer some other words of appreciation for something, it can be anything, that has helped us in some way.

I would say thank you to a friend at the gym who gives me the sports pages from their newspaper so I can read while I am on the treadmill, I appreciate the pages because reading makes the time go by quicker.

It could be to the sales assistant who goes a little bit further searching for the item I want to buy and finds the last one in the store.

It could be my pet cat who wakes me up because she senses it is time for me to get up when in fact I had forgotten to set the alarm the night before.

It can also be someone who has stopped me doing something unwise, or dangerous, and has pointed me in a different direction saving me money, time or from injury.

Most often though, it is gratitude offered to my Guardian Angels through my intuition, they have spoken to me, and changed my course of action. Each evening when I leave work, I have several different ways I can drive home, but I ask that I be shown the quickest and safest way to drive home. It has never failed yet, but I always make sure I say “Thank you!”

That sales assistant who searched and found the last one in the store saved me $100, but that was the end of a series of things that directed me to the store, on that day, something I had not planned to do. Although I didn’t feel as though I should go to the store, which was out of my way by quite a bit, I allowed my intuition to take over and I ended talking to an assistant who just happened to be the right person with the right knowledge and skill to help guide me through a series of decisions that ended with that happy result.

As I walked out of the store, I was happy and thankful to my Guardian Angels and thanks them profusely. Then, they guided me to take a different way home which although I expected it to be busy was surprisingly empty of traffic and most of the numerous traffic lights were green. I offered another thank you as I parked my car and headed in doors.

Guardian Angels and all our angels and Arch Angels are with us through every moment of our lives. They love us unconditionally and through our thoughts and intuition they help us immensely every moment of every day. Although their love and help is unconditional, showing appreciation and gratitude helps us recognize the good things that happen, and good things can also be bad things not happening, which is just as important.

As you learn to thank your Guardian Angels for the good things they send as messages through our intuition, the more likely we are to recognize and act on other messages in the future and receive gifts and benefits as a result.

Cutting Etheric Cords, or Cutting Cords

What are “cords” and why should we engage in Cutting Etheric Cords, or as some people say – Cutting Cords?

To start with, the cords are etheric attachments that have connected themselves to your aura, the cords could be attaching you to a person, an object or a situation.

When I say “person,” that person could be a friend or colleague but most often it is a complete stranger you happened to be close to on the train, in the food court, or a classroom situation. The cords not only attach you to the person, object or situation but they also transfer energy from your aura [draining you] to and adding to the other person’s aura, at the same time, there is a transfer the other person’s stress and strain to you.

A sense of anxiety and strain is created in your aura and being. It is possible a sense of obsession or obligation may appear for no apparent reason, this is created by presence of the cords. Obsession and obligation are words that express consumption of energy from your aura and ultimately yourself. This the here and now cord.

Some of cords could be from past lives, where the attachments to those past lives have not cleared, until they are, you are destined to repeat the pattern of the past life over and over.

Tragedy and/or trauma will create cords if the energy fields between you and the deceased are not cleared. I am not saying to forget that person, but realize that holding on to their memory, their life is a way of locking them to you even when their spirit has moved on. These cords can be burdensome and heavy if you do not do anything about them.

Divorces and separations are tumultuous and emotional events, couples that have been close and are unable to recover from the break up can create negative and hateful emotions toward the other, ego becomes involved, fear, hurt, forgiveness, anger also appear. When children are involved, cords between both adults and the child or children can create complex interweaving cords

Something as simple as a friendship or a business association usually starts with positive expectations and as it starts to fail similar negative emotions to the divorce and separation can appear.

It is important to preform cord cutting regularly They keep your energy clear and free. It is important to know that when you cut cords, only negative and fear based cords damaging to your aura are cut, beneficial cords are not and even if they are, the underlying relationship will not be affected.

If you are not attuned to Reiki the process for cutting cards is simple.

Call on and ask Archangel Michael to be present and for his help. He will use his heavenly sword to cut the cords. I personally also symbolically move my hands around my head, shoulders, back and front. This is my way of brushing off any cords he cuts and making sure they fall away.

To clear past life or karmic cords, ask Archangel Raziel to be present and preform the same cord cutting. Archangel Raziel removes fear attachments from your aura.

To replace any energy my aura has lost I ask Archangel Michael to fill me with his “pure white light” and as protection against new cords attaching to my aura, I ask for him to surround me his “protective energy.”

At the end, and it only takes a few moments, I always thank the Archangels for their work.

I do this twice a day at least, first thing when I wake up and when I come home. I will add extra cord cutting when something alerts me, such as a toxic person I have been in close proximity to, or, a situation I am uncomfortable with.

Snow Moon

February is the second month of the year, in the Northern hemisphere, it is traditionally one of the coldest months, snow, ice, and freezing rain, are all associated with it. It is also a time when nights are longer, and the morning sunrise is late in appearing. Going home and going to work usually take place in the dark. The New Moon in February is named the Snow Moon, because it occurs in such a snowy cold month. The number of the month is the number 2, and in Angel numbers it means … “to keep the faith.”

For such a dark and cold month has one of the brightest and enjoyable celebrations, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the day when we celebrate love!

Traditionally the love we express is of our partner, and we do it with flowers, chocolates, dinner, and other gifts that mark the special relationship and happiness we feel for that “special someone.”

Perhaps the most special thing we can offer a special person in our lives is simply the words “I love you” said with a genuineness that tells the  person you have no doubts and are not holding anything back.

Sometimes adding something to those simple words somehow magnifies the words, something you share with the other person that is unique to you two alone. When I was very small and leaning my numbers, it seemed like the even numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 were special, they were not “odd” numbers. When said together, the numbers seemed to be the biggest number in the universe. When I would tell my parents, I loved them, I would add the numbers to the words so they received “I love you, 2, 4, 6, 8.”

When we tell someone, we love them, we love everything about them, even the things that are not so lovable. Romantic Love, helps us accept and make allowances for things we see in another that are annoying and less than perfect. The person receiving the love is healed by that acceptance and love because even if they are not aware something about them is not lovable, they find acceptance and caring attention.

It may not be romantic love, and you may not give special gifts to everyone on February 14th, but there are many other things in life we can be thankful for and say “I love you” to. Pets and animals, we share our lives with. Tell your cat or dog that you love them. Other relatives who are part of our lives, tell them also.

If we are shy about doing saying the words, doing something that shows caring will help communicate our love.

Things that enrich our lives even if for a moment should be recognized. Yesterday as I was getting the car out of the garage, a small bird started singing in the hedge. At this time of year, the hedge is brown and leafless, it looks dead, the sky was cloudy and dark still, but the bird had made it a perch to sing its song and I was grateful for it. When I arrived back from doing my errands, he was still there, well, I like to think it was the same small bird, but the song was just as enjoyable and I was equally grateful.

Even our own thoughts are affected by our thoughts of Love. When we think of manifesting things, positive, loving thoughts hold the highest vibrational energy and bring with them positive results, when there is a lot of negativity and pessimism around us, such as at work, positive loving thinking helps us and shields us against taking in those thoughts and making them our own and then giving those thoughts to others.

Now the trick is to keep the thoughts and the way we think about love and gratitude on February 14th with us all year, every year, making February 14th each February and affirmation. Tell your partner, your pets, relatives, even the little bird singing in the hedge that you love and appreciate them regularly throughout the year. And think positively about your life and you will find yourself shielded against dark thoughts and pessimism.

The Difference between Hope and Belief

Have you every taken a commuter train at rush hour, especially when they have a lot of trains arriving and departing and you are not sure of the train you have to take?

At the station I used to use the information boards in the main concourse where they make commuters wait and the ones at track level have a lot of information on them but at track level, the boards are more up to date than those in the concourse. Not sure why.

Often, well most of the time, information isn’t displayed in the concourse until a few minutes before the trains leave. When it is, there is a mad rush to the stairs and an even madder rush at track level, as the concourse stairs are not evenly distributed along the platform. People rush along the platform trying to get to the point in the train best suited for the station they get off at.

Those waiting for later trains have noticed the dangerous crush that takes place and stand behind pillars or close by concession stands so as to be out of the way. They take small side bets on who at the front of the concourse rush will trip and fall in their haste to get to the stairs and track level.

One particular evening, I had to find my train as I had left later than I usually and did not know which of the track level trains was the one I should take to get to my stop.

I think I know which is my train, all the doors are open and a few people are already in it, seated. All good signs, but not a guarantee those on the train actually know much about the train. Soon I will lean a lot about the difference between habit, hope, and belief.

There is still no information posted on my iPhone app, which is generally a 10-15 minutes ahead of the official notice boards at track level and which are ahead of those in the concourse.

I stand at the doors to the carriage; I speak to the first person sitting close by.

I ask whether this train is the one I am looking for, I provide the departure time, and the stop I need the train to stop at and the end destination, three things that will conclusively give me the correct train. He is sitting munching chips, reading his Kobo; he has taken his coat off. All very positive signs he knows he is on the right train, if the train terminates where I ask it is a long ride and you need food, comfort, and something to do.

His reply is that he hopes the train is the one I am asking about and goes back to reading and munching. Obviously there is no further information to be had from this guy.

I am a computer guy, bits and bites, zeros and ones, these things do not allow for hope; they are black and white, no shades of grey. Tonight is not an evening for hope; I need certainty so decide to leave this hopeful person to his dreams.

I move along the carriage to the second person

In the next carriage is an equally comfortable person, another man! Why not a woman, they are usually good at knowing things.

He looks up from his magazine, he has not graduated to a Kobo he is still a print consumer, print is black and white, I hope he has certainty in his life. Instead there is a void, he looks at the train carriage interior, he looks at his seat number, and to him these are all the things that make this train go to where I ask.

Another person, I repeat my questions.

This man looks at his watch without answering; instead he asks me what time it is. I check my watch and tell him the time, which causes a problem for him. He looks like a child that has just pooped his diaper. I forgot to deduct the five minutes I add to “real time” to ensure I arrive at my meetings early, it is a comfort factor to me but to him it is stressing him out. I explain what I do to modify “real time” And he adjusts his watch.

I persist in questioning him about which train this is, he thinks for a moment, or maybe two. I can see why he was five minutes late at his last meeting, especially if he always thinks at this speed. The sad thing now is he has put his watch to the time I gave him, it is now reading correct time, not the five minutes ahead he thinks it is.

He finally says that yesterday evening; the train on the track we are on now around this time went to the destination I speak off and made stops all the way but he doesn’t know what those stops are. I tempt fate and ask him if the stops were actually periods of intense slowness and leave him puzzled as to the difference.

I breathe heavily before speaking to another on the train.

He expresses his knowledge about the train he is sitting in as dreams and hopes, again.

I have never expressed my desire to get to my destination in terms of dreams.

Well, yes in a philosophical sense I dream I will have a million dollars, and that I will not have to take a train downtown anymore, I dream that I will find someone who knows where this damn train is going. It could be going to Hogwarts for all these people I have spoken to know. Now that is a thought…

So, finally I pick the carriage I usually sit in on my regular train, the third carriage from the front and as far away from the passengers I have spoken to as I think I need to be and take a seat close to the door. I do not take my coat off; I do not unpack my laptop or anything else… If I need to leap from the train as the doors close and the destination is announced, I can simply stand, push people out of the way, duck and roll off the train before the doors shut.

There are many things in this world that we do out of habit, habitually is the correct term, we do them without thinking, and we express ourselves in terms of hope when asked by a stranger about our decision because somehow to admit we have done something out of habit like these fellow passengers feels like a challenge.

We hope there is a parking space close to the entrance to the store; we will drive up and down the isles of parked cars looking for that magic spot that is hiding between two big pickups. We rarely find it because we just hope.

We do not have the belief that a space will be provided for us, try asking your guardian angels, they are always there for you; they just need to know what it is you want and then have confidence in the belief that it will be provided.

I learned that night that I had forgotten to ask for what I wanted, and in so doing I had forgotten about believing the request would be answered.

Have belief and ask your guardian angels, they are always listening.

Crown Chakra – The Real You

The Crown Chakra
The colour of the Crown Chakra is White/Purple


Sanskrit – Sahasrara (translation – thousand petals ‘of the lotus flower’) – Crown Chakra – The Real You

Colour – White / Purple

Element – thought

Seed sound – AUM

Location – slightly above the crown of the head

Physical anatomy – the skull, brain, cerebral cortex

The crown chakra is where the ‘real you’ comes together in that it reflects the human spirit – higher brain function, our connection with the higher power or universal energy, and also our ability to connect to the ‘big picturein different aspects of our physical world and how our spirituality, our connectedness is reflected in that. The lotus flower is associated with this chakra as the actual flower is able to extend its system through various depths of water and is rooted in deep, murky, muddy bottom of ponds much as we are sometimes mired in the physical elements of this world and yet able to extend ourselves up to the top of the ‘water’ and produce a beautiful result, connection with our higher Self and Universal Energy. This chakra is depicted with the colour white however is sometimes known as purple.

Crown chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your intellectual ability, your spirituality, your connection to spirit, God, universe or higher power
  • Blocked symptoms are headaches, brain abnormalities, amnesia, feelings of isolation, depression, lack of inspiration and spiritual crisis
  • Overloaded symptoms are headaches, addiction to spiritual or intellectual practices, out of body experiences, dissociation with the body, over -intellectualizing and feeling ungrounded
  • Balancing suggestions include meditating, praying, spiritual study, learning new things, grounding, physical exercises.
  • Yoga poses to aid this chakra – modified Headstand.

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra
The colour of the Third Eye Chakra is Purple / Indigo


Sanskrit – Ajna (translation – command, perceive) – Third Eye Chakra

Colour – Purple / Indigo

Element – Light

Seed sound – AUM

Location – between and just above the eyebrows

Physical anatomy- brain, nerves, forehead, eyes, nose, pituitary and pineal glands and the sinuses.

This chakra’s colour is purple however some describe it as deep indigo. It is sometimes known as the intuition chakra or the Psychic chakra however also governs our imagination, inner visions and also our conscience, our perception of right and wrong.

Third Eye chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your ability to see, use your intuition, use your imagination, remember your dreams, listen to your inner voice, and heed your conscience
  • Blocked symptoms include vision problems, headache, nasal congestion, sinus infection, stroke, brain abnormalities, lack of imagination, difficulty with visualization, rarely remembering your dreams lack of intuition and no sense of inner voice or conscience
  • Overloaded symptoms include headache, hyperventilation, brain hemorrhage, hallucinations, psychic abilities that impair normal functioning psychosis, living in a fantasy world, being in your head too much and problems distinguishing dream experiences from real experiences
  • Balancing suggestions include drawing, painting, meditating, visualizing, recording and interpreting your dreams, paying attention to what you see around you, listening to your intuition.
  • Yoga to aid this chakra – visualization through meditation


[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakta
The Throat Chakra colour is Sky Blue

Sanskrit – Vishuddha (translation – purity) – Throat Chakra

Colour – Sky Blue

Element – Sound

Seed Sound – HANG

Location – in the throat

Physical anatomy – throat, trachea, esophagus, neck, thyroid gland, cervical spine, mouth, jaw, teeth

This chakra is centre for communication, sound, vibration and the TRUTH. Clear expression (through voice expression, drawing, writing and/or musical ability) as well as good listening abilities are all part of this balanced chakra. Speaking your truth, hearing and UNDERSTANDING the truth in what others are saying are continued strengths here. Honouring the vibration and rhythm of your voice (spoken voice, written voice, musical voice) aids in the healthy balance of your Throat chakra.

Throat chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your ability to communicate, express yourself, listen, speak truth, hear the truth, and understand the meaning behind and beyond words
  • Blocked symptoms include a weak voice, laryngitis, throat pain, neck pain, stiff neck, jaw pain, hypothyroidism, dental problems, writers block, lack of musical ability and problems expressing yourself
  • Overloaded symptoms include neck problems, hyperthyroidism/ talking too much/ talking too loudly, interrupting, speaking without regard for other peoples feelings
  • Balancing suggestions include singing, humming, listening to music, writing talking to people, listening to people, practicing silence, getting a shoulder and neck massage.
  • Yoga poses to assist with balancing this chakra – Jhalandara bandha, Plough pose and Shoulder stand

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra
The colour of the Heart Chakra is green.

Sanskrit – Anahata (translation – unstruck or intact ‘the heart sings without being played’) The Heart Chakra

Colour – Green

Element – Air

Seed Sound – YANG

Location – behind the heart

Physical anatomy – heart, lungs, shoulders, arms, chest, breasts, thymus gland, cardiac nerve plexus.

This chakra is the ‘connector chakrabetween earthly and spiritual chakras. The balance and strength and compassion that you find within your Heart Chakra will be reflected in all areas of your life and in everything that you do. A healthy and open Heart Chakra enhances your healing ability when used on Self or others. Improving your posture automatically opens your Heart Chakra more fully.

Heart chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your ability to give and receive love, your capacity to love yourself and your sense of compassion and empathy for all beings
  • Blocked symptoms include heart disease, lung problems, relationship problems, commitment issues, fear of intimacy, being  judgemental and an inability to feel compassion
  • Overloaded symptoms include chest pain, breast problems including cancer, self-sacrificing behaviour, codependency, ignoring your own needs in the constant service of others
  • Balancing suggestions include taking care of yourself, practicing breathing exercises, doing yoga that opens the chest (back bends) or nurture the heart (Childs pose) and by loving in better balance, giving and receiving love without sacrificing yourself or taking energy from your other Chakras
  • Yoga poses to aid in balancing this chakra – Bridge pose, Cobra pose and Childs pose

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]