Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy I Student Manual

There are three reasons to be attuned to Usui Tibetan Reiki Healing Energy!

1.Attuning yourself to Reiki Energy has a beneficial and mindful effect on you spiritually
2.Attunement allows you to connect to healing energy when you need it.
3.Attunement gives you the knowledge and ability to connect with healing energy not only for yourself, but others in your family and friends.

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Mark A. Ashford
Usui Tibetan Reiki Master and Teacher
Author: The Practical Reiki Master

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Prayer is often interrupted to mean the observance we show in western religions though ‘prayer’ is the name we give to observance in all religions. We see it as a moment when we are still when we try to block out our busy minds and contemplate or think about events, people and emotions.

Thanking our guides and angels for their help, assistance and understanding is an important thing to do. They are with us throughout or lives and help us when we call on them selflessly.

There are other interpretations for prayer and they do not involve us getting down on our need and putting our hands together.

Positive things that help people, whether we know the or not is a ‘prayer.’

It could be hugging a friend or someone we have not seen for a long time, or conversely someone we will not be seeing for a while.

Inviting family and friends over and cooking something special for them, cooking something they each like is a prayer. We are doing something to nourish them physically but also showing them how much we care about them that we will spend the time and make the effort.

Sending someone in need the energy and strength they need is a prayer.

Forgiveness, is a two way thing. They say they are sorry and we accept it. But when we forgive them in our hearts, that is a prayer. A prayer for us, we are closing a door on something that happened. It is not forgotten but the thoughts and animosity attached to it are no longer present. They are gone.

Prayer is a vibration within you and a feeling at the same time. It is a thought, that is clear and fill of love, friendship,  and genuine relationships. 

Prayer is an expression of your silent being. It is an expression fo energy and comes through all types of energy. 

Reiki Healing Energy helps us to enlist the help of our Guides and Angels and focus the energy they bring us for the prayers we carry out each day.

The Practical Reiki Master

Hi, my new book, The Practical Reiki Master is out today, on Amazon Kindle.

The book is a brief introduction to the history Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and how those two great traditions melded and interlace with Yogic traditions. But most important how Sanskrit the ancient language of Buddhism gave the oral traditions of Shamanism a voice that carried down the millennia to today.

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Eternity is too short

Imagine for a moment you are out swimming, or in my case, scuba diving and you come to the surface of the lake, or ocean. 

You look around and even rotate 360 degrees in the water and nowhere can you see land. 

Relax. Settle yourself. 

The water is calm and flat and the sun in the blue sky above is not too hot and the temperature of the water is pleasant and comfortable.

Now if you where to hold out your right arm from the side of your body and let it lay flat on the surface of the water and then hold out your left arm and do the same, no matter in what direction your right hand and left hands are pointing, there is water without end.

Go ahead and kick your legs and rotate around with your arms still laying on the surface of the water.

This is eternity.

One hand is pointing in the direction of eternity in the past. It could be your right hand or left that is pointing to the past, whatever you are comfortable with. The other hand is pointing to eternity in the future. Where you are is now, this moment, this instant in time.

Because clocks and calendars are linear, September 1st is followed by September 2nd and before it was August 31st. We think of time like a train running on its rails. It is coming form somewhere and going somewhere. When we stand beside the tracks we feel wind, the air the train is pushing ahead of it as it passes.

But really, time is like you floating in the water with your arms stretched out. In every direction there is the past and in every direction is the future. It s only by you saying that one hand points to the past and the other to the future that you make a decision on which direction is the past, and which direction is the future. 

If there were no land, only water, and the earth is round, we know that, and you were to swim tirelessly in the direction of the hand that points to the future in an exactly straight line, you would eventually arrive back at the spot you are floating at right now. 

But you would be coming from the direction you believe is the past, from the point of view of the spot you are floating at right now. No matter what direction you choose to swim in, you will eventually arrive back at the same spot, from the direction of the past.

Time is not linear, and it is not like a train travelling on tracks from a departure point to a destination, which is the way we see it today, in reference to mortal life. 

So many thoughts and sayings about eternity imply eternity is something tangible, that we can reach out and touch it. Some definitions of eternity say it is time without a beginning or an end, but we can only say ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ because we experience those things as birth, and death.On there surface of the water we are floating in, there are no markers with those labels.

Thunder and Lightening

Thunder and Lightening. I have always been mesmerized by storms, big storms. The more thunder, lightening, and torrential rain the better. 

Storms are cleansing.

A while back I looked at the leaves of the trees and plants I was photographing, they looked dirty, dusty and tired from the long hot dry spell we had been going through. That night, a storm rolled through, torrential rain and thunder and lightening off in the distance.

I went out with my camera the following day and the same leaves and plants looked clean, invigorated, full and lush. 

The rain had cleaned them off, the water in the soil was filling up their leaves, making them thick, healthy and very, very green.

Thunder and lightening engage the senses, rumbling sounds and water rushing down for the sky to earth and then across the land is also cleansing, purging and is life giving. Lightening is lifting us to pay attention.

Now I know that some people are scarred of thunder, lightening and the often heavy rain that comes with those types of storms. I am not asking you to go out walking in the rain, but if you have a window that is not facing the storm and not letting in any rain water, there is nothing to stop you turning out the light and opening that window.

If you do not have a window that opens, many condo windows do not open, sitting by the window and watching the action and looking at the rain asking the streets clean, the cars and everything that is growing, is just as good.

Clear your mind as you watch and absorb the storm is important to let in the cleansing action of the storm. Be relaxed, stop using any electronics. I know. Many recommend turning them off, I prefer to stop using them, turn the screen down, or off so that it is not intruding on your quiet thoughts by calling out to you. You can go back to them later.

I usually turn off the lights as well so that the full impact of the lightening and thunder comes through to me. In this case, unless you are able to watch the forks of lightening come down from the sky to earth, I find that simply be aware of the sudden brightness is all that is all I need.

Oh and one thing, don’t get caught up in counting the number of seconds between the thunder boom and the flash of lightening. The goal is to hear and see/feel, experience the storm. Counting the seconds between the booms and flashes is a distraction the busy mind is able to latch on to. 

A simple routine fo breathing in and relaxing the air slowly and repeating “I breathe in to calm my body and breathe out to calm my mind.” Is all it takes.

Be like the leaves and trees after a storm, all washed and cleansed, filled with new energy and life.

Vision Boards need not be Perfect

A vision board is a creative way to visualize the things you desire to manifest in your life.

Over the years I have created many vision boards, including ones that are text only. The intention behind the board is that creating it or writing out what you want to manifest is a way of reinforcing your desires and communicating with your angels and guides what it is your need or want.

In the past I have created vision boards where the three big desires, health, wealth, and happiness are each described separately.

For example, I envisaged wealth as a pot of gold, and where do you find post of gold usually? At the end of a rainbow. So I found images of rainbows and pots fo gold, and even printed out the claim form form the lottery corporation and put them all together on my vision board. 

For health I printed out pictures of myself when I was a lot less heavy and in better health. I looked at You Tube videos and wished to have good health to walk long distances to take photographic landscapes. 

For happiness, I decided that meant a female companion and printed images of women that stood in place for a style or type that I felt I could live and like as a companion.

The images were all glossy and clean and I have a magnetic clip board so I could put them up in combinations that seemed to speak my needs and intentions.

Well, because the images were all separated, the interconnection between things was lost. Wealth would give the house, condo or physical space I needed but being healthy would help me enjoy it. I needed the companion to make a physical space a home.

My most recent vision board has no immaculate images, it is all on one large sheet of paper, and more detailed in the sense that what smaller simpler components are drawn. 

The drawings are simple stick figures. But as I drew each part of my vision board, I would draw a circle around it but show connections with the other things on the board. The pot of gold is  linked to the condo and the vehicle and other things. I appear in each circle as a simple stick figure with the word ‘Happy’ next to me.

Things like health are indicated by simple words, ‘fit, trim, and healthy.’ The earlier board with images of me as I was in the past are not suitable for how I want to look and feel in the future. In the future there will be a new me, not an old me reborn.

The relationship is now not an idealized version, or even someone I know. She is someone I am vacationing with and I accept that I have not met her yet and have no preconception of what she will look like, just that we are shown as being happy together.

Engaging your angels, arch angels, guides, and scented masters/mistresses to help with the manifestation increases the imprint of your desires and goals on your mind and your positive outlook on life.

The vision board in the end should not be perfect it is the unexpected that brings amazing things in to our lives. The risk of a perfect vision board is that what we receive may not match what we see on the wall and are disappointed with it and continue hoping for something that is too perfect to materialize.

Self-Reiki Session in Nature

Starting the day with a Self-Reiki Session is a powerful way to clear the mind, the body and prepare for what is to come.

It is also an excellent way to prepare the mind for the things to come. For example, at the end of the  session I will ask my guides to guide my speech, my thoughts and my behaviour. I find this helps to moderate that part of me that will not let things pass if I am offended or feel ‘I should speak out,” but which will not help anyone if I do.

I also ask them to help and protect me as I drive to the different places I have to go to during the day. Amazingly, I have often seen unusually busy roads become amazingly empty of traffic, allowing me to easily drive safely to and form my destinations.

Now if it is such  positive experience, how can we enhance it? How can we make it more potent and fulfilling?

Completing the Self-Reiki Session in Nature is the best way to enhance the experience and the value of it.

Find a place where you can be calm and close to nature and things that are growing. It could be as simple as a chair on the deck at the back of the house or a few minutes spent on a bench in a park. 

Thin about the animals and all the growing and flowering things you see round you, think about what it takes to make those things grow, what energy there must be all around you. Yes, there us a lot fo energy to absorb when you are close to nature,

Absorb it and dwell on it. When I have time to go out into nature like this, it is often early in the morning at weekends, I a there just after sun-up and I feel the early morning rays of the sun falling on my body and warming me. That is such a tremendous transfer fo energy to me.

It is perfectly alright to ask the nature angels, the angels who help the plants grow and the insects and animals thrive to share the energy that is around with you. We can all do with additional energy and support for our life force and purpose.

I have asked for and received energy during these sessions, it is amusing how well I feel afterwards.

How long to you need to be there? No longer than you would usually, or it can be extra to the early morning session f you cannot get out in to nature first thing. The important thing is that you do it not so much when.

Try and spend a few moments watching the birds and the insects as they go about their chores… they are quit fascinating, and so is the bird song at the start of the day, or indeed, at any time during the day.

One thing to try and do when you are out in nature performing this Shelf-Reiki session is to clear your busy mind. Breathe in and out and think to yourself with each breath, “I breath in to calm my body and I breath out to calm my mind.” 

Self-Reiki session every morning is how I start my day

A Self-Reiki session every morning is how I start my day. I feel it is the best way to start the day and here’s why.

First, the session I carry out happens after all the early morning chores are completed. The cat’s litter box is cleaned out, I have had breakfast and for me, most important, I have had a shower. A shower for me at the start of the day is a marker that a new day is starting and I am ready for it.

At the end of the day, the shower means the work day is done, the time I have to devote to someone else is over and the rest of the evening is for me, for my purposes, for my soul and spirit.

So now I sit quietly, and prepare for the Self Reiki session. It is very much the same as performing a remote session for clients and friends. Archangel Michael is present to safe guard the session from dark and lower energies. My angels, Archangels, ascended masters and mistresses and council of guides are present. My guides and Reiki Guides are present. With this session, because it is a self-directed session, HSN is not required nor are the other symbols such as Sei He Ki.

As with all my sessions I concentrate on the things my guides in conjunction with my Reiki guides tell me need attention. I also concentrate on aches, pains, and other things that have manifested themselves since the day before. We all have ailments that seemingly appear out of the blue and this is time to deal with them.

Blocks that stall new things coming in to our lives, wealth, relationships happiness etc., Perhaps the big thing to think about as the session ends is being open, being open to asking all your angels and guides for help. We all need assistance in some way every day, now is the time to ask your angels and Archangels for it. Be clear about what you are asking for. They cannot provide help if they do not know what it is they are expected to help with/to achieve.

Finally, at the end of the session, send it to yourself with energy and conviction. CHOKUREY ist he traditional Tibetan Reiki Power Symbol and translates as PLACE THE POWER HERE, that is in you.

As you wrap up, do as you do for any other session, thank the Archangel Michael for guarding the session, all your angels and archangels and guides for being present and helping.

Some mornings the session only takes me 10 to fifteen minutes, it is not long and it is also a relaxing time.

Time is a Funnel and Archangel Metatron

Think of time as a funnel. A very large funnel with a very narrow spout at the bottom. Think of Archangel Metatron as a powerful Archangel and plays many roles in the spiritual world. For now, let’s think of time and how Metatron can manipulate time.

Going back to the funnel. We experience time in terms of a clock face, whether it is a digital or traditional analog clock it marks off the seconds, minutes, hours and eventually days in a regimented, rigid cycle and in that way, we perceive our lives passing by, children growing up and leaving the home. When we see this paradigm, we are down at the bottom of the funnel at a very narrow spout.

But when we go to sleep we can ask Archangel Metatron to bless us with unlimited time for sleeping. When we do this, there is no change in the way the clock marks off time, but we experience time differently. All of a sudden, we are placed up at the immensely broad lip of the funnel. At the bottom of the funnel, an hour may pass but because we are higher up on the funnel, at the top, it seems to us that many, many hours have passed.

If we are woken up by something and look at the clock, the clock may say that a couple of hours have passed but our senses tell us many more than those two hours have passed. We feel rested and energized because we have, for a while, existed at a higher level thanks to Archangel Metatron.

As you call on the Archangel more and more often to help with managing time, you will feel more and more rested after a shorter period of time as shown by the clock face.

Calling on Archangel Metatron to help with time can happen in other ways. I often sit quietly before I get dressed and leave for work. It is time for me and my guides and it is time for meditation. I ask the Archangel to make the time pass slowly, and it does, surprisingly slowly. And there is the opposite, occasions where you want time to pass quickly, he will help with that too.

And when you wake up, probably due to the bedside clock going off, and sit on the edge of the bed, don’t forget to thank the Archangel for blessing you with unlimited time.

Fog on the water…

Fog on the water… even at mid day today there was fog on the lake and it was thick and plentiful enough to drift inland.

Some days, when we wake up, life seems to be covered in fog. We have no idea what we are doing or why, and any goals we knew we had yesterday are hidden and cannot be located.

But there are a couple of things you can do to help you clear the fog covering your life.

The first is to get away from the mad rush of life. Turn off or mute the cell phone, turn off the radio and TV. I have taken to driving without anything playing the car. No radio, no CD player, no iPod plugged in to the stereo deck. I choose not to listen to the radio mostly because of the nonsensical and repetitive advertising, but also because the news tends to shout the worst of things happening in the world and I do not need that. Or I should say, I chose not to need that

I wind down the windows, there is a surprising amount of natural things around that sound really good as an alternative, birds and animals for example. Ok I know this may not work on the highway, but it will work well on the side roads. Even the wind, cool or hot that comes in through the open windows brings nature and the good things in the world into the car as I drive.

If you can find a bench in some green space, sit even for a few minutes and close you eyes and clear your mind. It takes practice to keep from drifting off into ‘busy mind’ where you think of all the possibilities that could happen, good or bad connected with a situation that is concerning you. 

You want a clear mind, breathe in and out deeply. As you breathe out think of the things in your life you want to send away form your life. Breath out worry; breathe out fear; breathe out stress; breathe out doubt. As you inhale, with each inhale of breathe think of the things you want to bring in to your life.

Merge the breathing in of things you want to bring into your life with things you want to manifest. Breathe in abundance in health; breathe in abundance in love; breathe in abundance of wealth; breathe in abundance of success. Breathe in something else you want. 

Then just relax. If possible, take of your shoes and place the bare souls of your feet on the ground, feel ground under them and imagine your connection to the soul going under the surface and down into the ground like roots of a tree.

Think about your guides, your guardian angels and those spirits that have been with us since before we were born and are with us through our mortal lives supporting and helping us. Even if you have not connected deeply with them, these moments of quiet are the best times to reach out to them and ask for help, support, caring, and of course, guidance. You may not feel something from then right way, give it time. 

Above all, while you sit there, try and not get distracted by other things happening around you. And, if some animals, birds, squirrels and watch them, take pleasure in them, they are going about their day without all the concerns we humans have built around us.

The sun will come out and burn off the mist as will the peace and quiet in your spirit from these simple exercises and don’t forget, breathing out the toxins in your life and breathing the abundance and happiness you seek only takes a few minutes and can be done anywhere you can be quiet for those few minutes.