Reiki Positivity Releases stress

Reiki Positivity Release stress 

Reiki Attunement, at any level increase our sensitivity and connection an energy of a higher vibration. Reiki energy is pure, healing, and increase our sensitivity to all living things around us.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased our collective worry and anguish about our lives, politics, the environment, and our families. Without a vaccine, or other medical healing available, the risk of contracting the virus is very serious.

Out of all of this, we need to see how we can forge new beginnings, and that in itself is stressful.

To create new beginnings requires change, in who we are and what we are doing. We must change how we recognise and work with others, who themselves, are in the process of changing. Change never creates comfort, there is always a certain level of discomfort, because discomfort is what makes us move forward.

Feelings of discomfort and anxiety, within yourself, or the outside world can be reduced if you have a Reiki practitioner who is able to provide Reiki distance healing, and self-healing for accidents and things that happen in your life. The benefits of distance healing will help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Positivity in the face of anxiety and stress can help reduce your inner unease. Send out these thoughts and feelings to those around you, even pets. They pick up on the stress and worry of us humans. They need some comfort and feelings of positivity. Ask your angels and guides for help in relieving you of what worries you.

Talk to and with your Reiki practitioner to understand how you can send your feeling of happiness and balance out to the greater world.

Learn to be more Mindful and in the moment. Reduce the ability of your busy mind to take over and churn about things you cannot change. 

Learn to meditate, even if only for a few minutes, that is long enough for you to start feeling the benefit of detaching and being more in the moment. Combine your meditation with Mindfulness to get the most benefit.

Then, practice both so that your meditation time is longer and more mindful.

Check out our eBook and paperback book on Mindfulness

Repeat your attention to Reiki and its Five Principals daily and meditate on them to bring their values into focus.

Go out into nature each day of you can. Even if you cannot spend a lot of time in nature, recognize the animals and the growing and living things around you when you are able to.

I prefer to be out by water, trees and places where animals and insects can live without the hand of man being noticeable. Nature is an energy source and recharges and nourishes your soul.

Use Reiki self-healing to create moments of calm and peace of mind.

Create a sanctuary – This is a place where you can disconnect from social media, the news, and the barrage of the busy world. It is a place where you can be at one with yourself. If you are able to meditate do so, if you are able to be mindful and, in the moment, use the space and the time to practice more deeply.

When someone does something nice for you, even if you don’t know them. Say thank you. Gratitude is often returned, if not immediately, it can be found the next time you encounter that person. 

Don’t forget that you make a difference in other people’s lives. Don’t think you do not. Many small changes by you help make larger changes for all around you. Be an inspiration by focusing on the positives. 

Repeat the Reiki Principles – channel your energy into understanding each of them and how they affect your everyday life. Stay focused on them with heart felt appreciation and give yourself permission to be as happy as you can be. 

Mark Ashford is Reiki Registered Teacher and practitioner under CRA.

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Mark Ashford is a Reiki Master Teacher

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International Association of Reiki Practitioners Logo

Canadian Reiki Association [CRA]

I am pleased to announce that I am now a Registered Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association umbrella.

The Canadian Reiki Association is a premier authority of Reiki learning and practice.

Designation – CRA-RT 20-065

The Canadian Reiki Association can be reached at:

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Canadian Reiki Association Logo

Remote Reiki Value and Intention

The Remote Reiki Value is direction of the healing energy of the universe. Reiki energy is a complete energy, there is nothing missing and nothing that must be owned or to achieve. It can be used anytime, anyplace for any condition. This vital flowing energy is the basis for the continuity of life, as we know it.

Like all Reiki practitioners and masters, I am a channel for the energy to flow into my clients. Since Reiki is working solely with energy, it is sometimes much easier to feel the energy flowing both for channeling Reiki energy and also for feeling blockages in chakras when hands are held a few inches away from the physical body as you are now working directly with the client’s energy.

If you have received Reiki energy before, you probably did so in a personal session with a Reiki practitioner. But this is the age of the Coronavirus, we are locked down, locked in, and practicing social distancing. And all of that without the need to be home to care and manage children and their home learning studies. Sickness does not recognise being in our homes for days at a time which may itself cause ailments related to being confined and having no social interactions to appear.

It might be possible to have an in-person Reiki session of the practitioner were six feet away, across the room rather than beside the treatment table. But we still have to deal with restrictions on travel, and other constraints to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

An easier way to receive a Reiki treatment would be to have a remote treatment where you do not have to leave your home.

As a Reiki practitioner, I invite the angels and guides of a client to join with mine to start the session which is protected by the Archangel Michael form influence and interference by other energies that might disrupt the session.

The focus of the remote session is on the client’s wellbeing and what I sense through the connection. In cases of injury or recovery from surgery, bringing Reiki energy to the client to speed up healing speeds up recovery and improves the overall feeling of wellness in the client. 

Most recently, after a replacement knee surgery, I saw the client report faster healing, flexibility and mobility. A client with cataract surgery, also recovering and being in much higher spirits as a result. Another client going through cancer treatments, reported a reduction in physical stress and feeling a reduction in stress and physical strain. 

In this era of the coronavirus and our seclusion, Reiki can help with maladies that appear when we are secluded beyond the time we would voluntarily do so ourselves; depression, headaches, loneliness, confusion, anger, frustration, worry. Some or all of these maladies can manifest physically creating high levels of tension and stress in the neck and shoulders going all the way down the back into the hips.

The Remote Reiki session includes helping and guiding the release of tensions and troubles as well as its physical conditions. To help with release of stress and emotional challenges caused by self-isolation, as well as other physical illnesses, book a remote Reiki session at

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International Association of Reiki Practitioners

Self Love is Important

Being able to recognise and affirm what you have achieved, what you have endured, and what all those things will bring you today and tomorrow is important. It is not conceit, narcism, or arrogance.

You are special. From the moment you were born your guiding angels have been with you and supporting you, whether you are sensitive to them or not, they are there. The greater your sensitivity to them and their communication with you, the better and happier you will be and the less mistakes and painful lessons you will encounter, and struggle through.

It is important to recognise where you are now, and to be able to appreciate yourself.

A simple affirmation at the start of the day, and at the end, or anywhere in between is to sit still, quietly, tuning out the background noise around you and with a still clear mind, place your hand over your heart, it doesn’t matter which hand, and tell yourself, “I love you,” followed by your name.

If “I love you [insert name]” is too much, maybe you don’t love yourself. Not yet anyway, so do something a little less profound. Say, “I appreciate you… [insert name]” Or, “Thank you… [insert name].

It is OK to say the words and mention something in particular that has been very beneficial or you found your way through something very trying. In that case something like “I love you, [insert name] for the way you handled [insert what happened and what you learned from it].

Eventually, you will be able to love yourself and when you say the words, mean it!

This simple affirmation may also be said after a few moments of quiet meditation.

You, your soul, will appreciate this recognition and affirmation and your guiding angels will see and recognise your progress in your spiritual selfcare. This is especially important during this time of self-isolation when appreciating who we are is so important.

Toxicity in the work place

Workplaces may have high standards of behaviour they expect between people and to the public. However, they may not live up to what they aspire to, or management may not enforce of the guideline’s they espouse. The toxicity is all around you for your workday.

So, what are the best coping mechanisms to deal with these people and these situations?

We have free will, we do not have to stay connected to toxic people or places. But sometimes this maybe our work place or a person at work. It could even be a relative and we know the saying, “we cannot choose our relatives!”

I sit quietly, and ask Archangel Michael to sever any energy cords attached to my soul, spirit, aura, physical self, or Chakras. I want him to cut the cords and destroy them. I then ask him to fill me up with pure white light and protect me with his energy.

I will do this at the beginning and end of the day, or after being somewhere or with someone I consider toxic. 

You can speak the short mantra or think it. Some people I know wipe their hands over their face, head and upper body as if they were brushing away cords or spider threads while they are thinking the mantra. If they do not want people to see them preform this ritual, an empty meeting room will suffice, even a stall in the washroom!

In the past I have soundlessly said the mantra in a crowded elevator on my way to lunch after meeting with a particularly toxic individual.

I prefer to think of the cords I am cutting as if they were tentacles of an octopus with suction cups that attach to things and hold on tightly. I see Michael removing the suction cups and cutting the tentacles which shrivel up and disappear.

Because these situations and people create worry, guilt, stress, fear, unhappiness and other feelings that drain my energy, I ask that these be taken from me by Archangel Michael with the help of my angels and for them to provide me with rest and happiness.

Finally, I thank all my angels and the Archangel for their help through either through the day to come or the day that has past.

Don’t forget your guardian angels! They are also with you throughout the day, at any time you can call on them to help you with a situation as it occurs or develops.

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Clearing Your Space

Why would you clear your space? What is your space? What benefit is doing it?

Energetically, as we move through life, we collect emotional and spiritual baggage and toxins. These can be from people, places, and events.

We bring them home, but we can also bring them within ourselves. They affect our emotions, our thoughts, our intellect. They drag down the energy of our chakras and they can stir or ego.

Many years ago, before I engaged with my Angels and guides to fulfill part of my life purpose which was to become a Reiki Master and Teacher, I would occasionally find myself working with toxic people or in a toxic environment. As I sat in traffic driving home and odd moments when I was supposed to be relaxing watching TV I would mentally go over again and again events that had happened at work. 

I would worry about what the next day would bring.

As a Reiki Master I am able to engage with my angels and guides to recognise these people and situations and negate the affect they have on me, even while they are happening.

I sit quietly, and ask Archangel Michael to sever any energy cords attached to my soul, spirit, aura, physical self or Chakras. I want him to cut the cords and destroy them. I then ask him to fill me up with pure white light and protect me with his energy.

I will do this at the beginning and end of the day, or after being somewhere or with someone I consider toxic. You can speak the short mantra or think it. Some people will “wipe their hands over their face, head and upper body as if they were brushing away cords or spider threads. I have said the mantra in a crowded elevator on my way to lunch after meeting with a particularly toxic individual.

I prefer to think of the cords I am cutting as if they were tentacles with suction cups that attach to things and hold on tightly. I see Michael removing the suction cups and cutting the tentacles which shrivel up and disappear.

You can bring these energy cords, even souls and spirits home with you. You may not see them, or, be aware of them, but they enter your home and stay with you. Freely absorbing your energy. In Tibet and other places where the belief in sprits and souls that have not moved on to their next life is more prevalent, houses will be regularly cleared and doors and windows energetically sealed to prevent these often dark and lower energies from entering. 

If you have heard of smudging a house with White Sage, this is one of the traditional methods of banishing these entities. 

Another approach is to engage with your angles and guides and ask them to help you banish these spirits and energies. 

Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and anyone else in the home, especially animals. As you accomplish the clearing.

Hands in Gassho, I move from room to room, asking them to banish or evict souls and spirits that should not be present. I call out spaces where a spirit or soul may hide or avoid my actions. Such as, under the bed, behind the could, in the draws, behind the door. Anywhere a soul or sprit can hide, I call out for them to be gone!

I include connecting rooms, hallways, etc.

I also ask my angels and guides to seal windows and doors so that spirits and souls cannot re-enter the home. This is all exhaustive, take your time and be patient. Give yourself and your angels and guides time to do their work.

Traditionally, when smudging a space, you leave a window ajar, not necessarily wide open, but a way for the souls and spirits to leave. Do the same when you and your angels and guides are clearing your space.

The Practical Reiki Master

A Vision Board…

A vision board is a creative way to visualize the things you desire to manifest in your life.

Over the years I have created many vision boards, including ones that are text only. Some are image only and one that used software and payed back images and text as a “video.”  

The intention behind the vision board is that by creating it you solidify in your mind what you want to manifest. It is an act of reinforcement and communicating your desires to your angels and guides.

Vision boards can be for any purpose. The three big questions and desires most of us have are health, wealth, and happiness.

Wealth, a pot of gold! I envisaged wealth as a pot of gold, and where do you find post of gold usually? At the end of a rainbow. So, I found images of rainbows and pots of gold, I even printed out the claim form of a lottery corporation and put them all together on my vision board.

Health, for health I printed out pictures of myself when I was a lot less heavy and in better health. I watched YouTube videos of landscape photographers hiking long distances to take their images and wished to have good health and to be able to walk long distances like they did and photograph landscapes. 

Happiness, means a female companion. I printed images of women that had the style or type that I felt I could live and like as a companion.

The images were all glossy, clean and I have a magnetic clip board so I could put them up in combinations that seemed to speak my needs and intentions at the time.

However, desires are not stand alone needs, they interconnect with each other. Wealth would change my life styles, health and relationships, without recognizing them as being connected, I would not see how my life would change if each of them, or all of them were fulfilled.

Some will recommend that a vision board be very specific. A wedding wring with a particular stone setting might be desirable, but if your intended partner provides something different, accept it and do not be disappointed that the image has not turned into reality. It is the appearance of a ring that is important, not its style.

My most recent vision board has no immaculate images, it is all on one large sheet of paper, and rather than pictures of rainbows and pots of gold etc., it is hand drawn with stick figures and crude shapes. 

As I drew each for my vision board I realized there were smaller things that needed to be included. With a companion I take a much needed and better holiday than going on my own. 

I drew a circle around each and showed how each connected to the other and those all connected to something else, rather like laces that close a shoe, the connections closed the small and big pictures into a whole. 

I appear in each circle as a simple stick figure with the word ‘Happy’ next to me.

Things like health are indicated by simple words, ‘fit, trim, and healthy.’ The earlier board with images of me as I was in the past did not represent the now or the future. I am not interested I trying to relive or recreate an old me, I am interested in the new me that will come into existence.

The vision board in the end should not be perfect, it is the unexpected that brings amazing things to our lives. The risk of a perfect vision board is that what we receive may not match what we see on the wall. Remember to be accepting and not disappointed because life did not live up to a perfect image. Most definitely, do not ignore what is given to you.

Episode 1: Remote Reiki Healing session

This is a remote Reiki Session for Dave. A remote Reiki session is for people who cannot be present in person to receive the healing Reiki energy. In this session, Candice and Opame, two of my guides join with me to perform the Reiki session as if the recipient were present.

If you are in need fo healing Reiki energy and are open to receive it, you will receive Reiki energy and the benefits it brings.

Episode 2: Reiki with Candice, Mark and Opame – two quick tips

This episode talks about hand positions in Reiki, specifically Gassho. What does it mean, how do you do it and why.

The video also describes how to bets clear energy or etheric cords. There are many ways to do it, but I feel the best way is to engage Archangel Michael, the warrior Archangel and his ability to cut and destroy the cords which may be attached to you. How and when do cut cords is also discussed.

Episode 3 – Releasing spiritual blocks from past lives

This video discusses how to release the blocks and move forward with those parts of your life previously blocked.

As our soul moves through different lives we can do carry with us things that are relevant from a past life that block us in this existence. They are carried over or, they manifest themselves in a later, unrelated life.

Typical of these are oaths, and ways of living, for example:

An oath of celibacy or chastity in past ages came with a monastic life of study, religious devotion, and an unmarried or sexual abstinence in life. 

An oath of poverty as it suggests eschews accumulation of wealth and accepting the bare minimum in life style.

An oath of obedience means a person follows instructions and rules set down by an authority figure. This is different from compliance where the person is influenced by peers, or conformity where the person seeks to match their behaviour with those of people around them.

Anyone of these oaths, or, combination of oaths, or a belief that has a strong, molding effect on a person’s life can affect you in this life and future lives to come.