New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made at the start of the year. After all, this what they are called. That is when we set out our expectations and desires for the coming year. When we create these resolutions, they should be more than just wishes or desires. 

We need to add intention to each of the wishes, we need to add “how” to achieving our wishes. We cannot swim if we have not first overcome any feelings of fear about getting in the water, having our face covered with the liquid, or learned the mechanics of moving our arms and legs to propel us in the water.

It is OK if there are some resolutions that are just wishes with no how. Not knowing how something will be attained does not make it any less of a of a resolution.

Once we have set our resolutions we need to consider them. Are the goals expressions of loving, enrichment for ourselves and others we acre about? Call on you angels to ask if the resolutions are in tune with your life purpose? Be open to message from your angels that change the goals, change the intentions or show you a new way to achieve your resolution.

If you are attuned to Reiki, use the energy from Reiki to guide you through the process and infuse energy into the resolution.

Having trouble getting started or completing a resolution? Sit quietly and focus on your resolution and Reiki energy. Allow Reiki to give you energy and strengthen your resolve to attain your goals. If you are feeling negative, allow it to change the negative feelings to positive ones.

If the negative feelings persist, use Reiki to look at and uncover any underlying issue that has not been dealt with. I have immensely enjoyed my time as a Scuba diver and as an Instructor passed that joy on to others. But for a long while I allowed others from preventing me form taking courses and get started as a diver. It was when I stopped allowing other people’s fear to control my desires that I took my first courses and was hooked on the diving.

Now! Making resolutions about what we want to do in life should not be confined to the beginning of the year and one set of resolutions. Make them continuously through the year, and if a resolution has not completed, simply let it carry on. Don’t discard it, use Reiki energy to restart the resolution if necessary and include it with all the new goals you have set for yourself.

If you are not attuned to Reiki yet, book a Reiki session to help you.

Then, start studying Reiki and become attuned as a new resolution. Let Reiki help you along your life path purpose and your connection with your angels and guides.

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