More Energy is coming

More Energy is coming! Ever since being attuned to Reiki One, inside we have been changing. Each day, Reiki has been helping us, clarifying our intuition, guidance, our feeling and our thoughts. We have more control over our raging ego driven mind now, and if you are attuned to Reiki Two or Reiki Three, we think of ourselves and say we are more aware, healed, present, in contact with ourselves. As we learn to recognize the changes within ourselves over time, the effects of Reiki become more potent and clearer.

Some might say the changes on the inside are not reflected on the outside, the face, hands and feet we show to the world all look the same. If we have wrinkles or scars, accept them for what they are, they are part of our existence. The events that gave us those scars and wrinkles brought us to the point where we decided to change. We changed by becoming attuned. What is important is the smile of recognition of that change in us that Reiki brought to us now brings different people, and different habits into our lives.

When you get up each morning, take a moment to tell yourself, hand over your heart, that “you love and appreciate who you are.” Do the same before you go to bed, perhaps calling out something that happened during the day. Was what happened “good” or was how you reacted to something bad, “good”. Take that moment to consider how good you were and thank yourself.

Once you are attuned, even to Reiki 1 you have started a journey. Your life’s journey has a soul partner, Reiki. It will always be inside of your, helping and encouraging. It will be there to guide and help you learn. Let it!

When you let Reiki help and encourage you it becomes more in tune with what you as a physical being need, it adjusts to us. So, shrug off your old thoughts and habits. They no longer serve you, and you no longer need them. Make yourself open to receive the new. When you put your hand over your heart and tell yourself you love yourself, feel the changes in your “self” take place; self-value, self-worthiness, self-esteem, and self-confidence are all enhanced, new and vibrant. Let no one tell you are not more confident, that your self-esteem is not more potent and energized.

You have started a journey and you have done well, and reached a cross roads, continue on the path of light and love and let Reiki guide you and journey with you.

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