The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the planet, there are few who have not heard of it by now and over 20 million cases and nearly 750,000 deaths according to the most recent tally – 2020/08/10. It is also affecting our mindset.

Countries are in lockdown, or, just coming out of it and millions have lost their jobs. Simply traveling by public transit, which we were always encouraged to do to cut down on driving and emissions from cars is now fraught with rules – masks are mandatory, and we increase the risk of contracting the disease from handrails and our fellow commuters. 

I know it is informational and interesting, and as part of the greater public, we do need to know the current state infections in our communities, but it is also depressing and worrying when day after day, things show little change and perhaps change in the wrong direction. 

There is a continued stress on our minds, our souls and spirits when we see these reports over and over again. It is our mind, the greatest and most powerful tool we have to help us through the trials of this special year 2020.

As they say, “Healthy Mind, Healthy body.” When our mind is at ease and is receiving healthy, stimulating and interesting information and stimulation our bodies are healthy. No doubt part of healthy stimulation is social interaction, but we need to think of social interaction in new terms. A friend of mine, who has been retired for a long time, and who infrequently called, and rarely met, has discovered FaceTime on her Mac and iPhone and now we chat more than ever before – almost weekly. Social interaction does not mean in person, and we need to recognize that.

Recognizing that, our interaction can help with all manner of things; we can talk and see someone to discuss things that have happened if stressful, we can relieve stress with another. If happy and positive, we can share our joy and happiness. Both types of news when shared help us to be at ease and relaxed. Life is good!

One thing my friend and I do at the end of a FaceTime chat is to check with each other that we are “good” that there is nothing else we are bottling up inside of us that can affect our outlook on life and ourselves.

Here are a few thoughts about how we can look at our lives, what is happening and our feelings toward it.

Don’t resist, accept what is happening to us. If we can’t change it, why are you worrying? If that sounds too casual for a situation where you are worried about paying the rent or buying groceries, look at this way. Worrying, and allowing yourself to become stressed out elevates your worry to a new level so that when your busy mind returns to the topic, it starts with from a new intensity that leaves you even more depleted.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. I also learned to listen to them when they had something to say to me. Although I am more practiced in that dialogue now, I will often sit in a quiet place, close my eyes and give up all the thoughts I worry about. I also ask for their help and guidance in matters which can be summed up as “Healthy, Wealth, and Happiness.”

Breathing is essential to our lives. We need to take in air and expel the used air. When we stop breathing, stop the process of filtering Oxygen from what we breathe in and expelling carbon dioxide, that is the first indicator that we have passed over to a new life. That is, we are dead. 

Breathing is rhythmical. When we lie in bed before we go to sleep, we can sense it. The pace of breathing becomes quicker if we are exercising. We can use that rhythm like a metronome, just like a mechanical device we can concentrate on it and reconnect with our physical being, and if outdoors, where it is peaceful, such as in a park, we can listen to the birds and animals going about their lives. All are positive experiences.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was to give up my worries to them and ask for their help in becoming more at peace with my situation. The next thing I realized was to thank them for the help and support they were giving me. Giving gratitude for help form the universe is a wonderful, enriching thing for your soul.

When I leaned that I also started saying to thank you to me. I did this after I woke up in the morning and just before I went to bed. There is a soul in me that is here to learn lessons from my physical existence. Mother Earth, Gaia, brings me a lot of good things and some that are not but I learn from all of them. I am grateful and I now show gratitude for all things, but especially for who I am.

I find a quiet space and for a moment, hand over heart, I thank “Me” for who I am and what I have learned. When I say what I have learned, I do not have a big list, maybe a few notable events of the day, or night, if I had some interesting dreams. I believe in keeping this simple, but honest, own your life and what I say, or, do not say, what I do, or, do not do they are all part of the soul’s learning in this life.

When I first realized my connection to Reiki, my angels, archangels and guides, the best and most beneficial aspect I learned was that becoming attuned to Reiki, I can help others by providing Reiki energy to them. In today’s world, this is remote Reiki, but Reiki is intelligent energy, it is Universal energy it knows how and where to go to be supportive of the recipient. In the same way, self-Reiki, can be equally beneficial. Trust Reiki.

Perform Reiki as you would for a recipient but instead, you are the focus. Do you have a backache, ask for help in healing what is causing the problem? Did you fall and break your arm, ask for help in healing the bones? The self-Reiki session is performed in exactly the same way as you would do for an in-person session; open it, conduct the session and close it just as you would normally.

At the end of it, thank you, for taking care of you. And, while you are at it, tell yourself something… Tell you that you love who you are.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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