Reiki is a powerful, intelligent energy, it is the universal energy of the universe. Once it has been invited into your life, it does many things for you. The one we are talking about here is helping you become aware of love. It opens your heart to be receptive to the loving things in life. Not just the people, but pets, and animals in general. It allows you to become sensitive to plants, trees and all other living things, 

You start to relate to things in a loving and non-judgmental, and unconditional way. You begin to trust what you love and who loves you. We all have a soul and Reiki will help you connect with it in a way you have not been able to before. You become more energetically involved in life in a way you have not experienced before. That energy turns a previously reactive person into one that participates.

Our open connection to our soul, Reiki, the Universal energy is often referred to as “spiritual” and I for one was not aware of it. To me spiritual meant organized religion, and growing up in England that mean a Protestant faith, The Church of England. The church my family was associated with was built in the 1880’s and that meant it was Gothic inside and out. The interior was dark and mysterious. The Alter and the Choir though were lit up like performers on a stage.

Today, spirituality is a broader term includes Reiki and alternative beliefs. It is widely available to any who are open to receive and understand it. To be connected to Reiki is not restricted to some spiritually advanced person, there is no hierarchy of Reiki clergy who administer rituals that only some can participate in.

Yes, there are somethings that go along with Reiki. Meditation or the ability to sit quietly and separate your mind an essence from the daily grind is one of them. But we should be doing that anyway, to help us detach and become rested and peaceful. Always living in high gear is not good for us.

Reiki does not require deep spiritual connection or practice. There are no mantras to be learned and practised, no prayers to be said every day. But there is connection and attachment. Faith and belief in Reiki, belief in ourselves and an openness that is required and cannot be given up. Perhaps that can be summed up by saying, we are already spiritual enough for Reiki, we are as perfect as we need to be and the energy knows that but it asks that we do not stop to see the beauty and help we bring to the world through our connection and how we use it – to heal.

The ego, the busy mind will always try to be front and center, to push Reiki and its living energy to one side so that in can monopolize our attention. It magnifies the challenges we face every day, every week, every month, every year. It will seek to disconnect us from Reiki. Reiki will be patient; it will wait for us to come back to it and once again become the center of our life by helping us to put our busy mind in its place. There is only one love and one fear, as we move though our lives, we move between these two forms of existence so when fear and worry exist in us, we become disengaged from love. This love, Reiki, is our natural state of being because it helps us be totally present in each moment of our lives.

Reiki energy combines our authentic nature with trust and allows us to experience our true self. When we are in this state, we can engage in intimacy with more authenticity and joy, we are more honest in our relationships and compassionate. 

Be willing to open your heart and allow vulnerability to be your partner in exploring the Reiki and your inner soul, your inner world and without judgement or the need to hide or change or to accommodate others.

Working with Reiki brings an understanding of your natural ability for healing. This has to begin with you. We mirror and reflect who we are in others; our pain can be seen in every person you meet. When we heal ourselves, we are able to guide the healing process for others. There is an assimilation that takes place as you witness the flow of energy available to all, not to a chosen few or a spiritual elite. 

Reiki is yours, everyone’s, it is waiting…

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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