Let Go

Every year in the spring, we clean our homes and when it comes to clothes and other possessions we rarely use we make a decision whether to let go of them or keep them for another year. Well, that is the way it used to be, I am not sure whether in today’s packed life, we have time to carry out the cleaning and let go of clothes and other possessions as they used to do say 60 years ago. Rather we go through clothes and possessions on an adhoc basis, when we have time or something sparks our need to do so, such as moving to a new home.

Even if the If we don’t let go of our possessions, one thing is for sure, we rarely go through our personal and emotional attachments. By not doing so we won’t solve our emotional problems and never be free of relationships that should have ended a longtime ago. 

Old relationships, ones that are no longer part of our lives will always bring back some form of anxiety. A relationship that failed may cause feelings of depression, anger – at the other person as well as ourselves. The relationship will never fully disengage form us if we keep on bringing these emotions and feelings back to the surface by not letting go the original feeling.

Reiki energy will help you relax and in that comfortable state you will give yourself permission to start releasing those negative thoughts and emotions and the original seed that causes them.

Each morning and each evening I open myself to my angels and guides. They are there to help us, all they need is our permission to help. As all humans have free will, they cannot engage with us until we are open and receiving. Invoke Reiki energy through them to help you clear away these negative thoughts and the emotions they generate.

In the evening I have time to add to the list of negative thoughts and emotions any that have arisen during the day. That is when I focus on the thoughts and emotions that need to be released. I especially take time to consider what these things have generated inside of me. 

Through the angels and guides, channel Reiki Energy to the thoughts and feelings that need releasing. I use my intention to Let Go of these feelings and to return to a balanced state. Slowly, the feelings and their causes will fade away and become a distant memory.

As with all things, letting go may be difficult and many things will be entwined with the original thoughts and deeds. It may take more than one session to get rid of all aspects of the feeling. Let it take that long, but always allow Reiki the time to heal you and bring new energy to the healing you are feeling.

At the end of the day, invite your angels and guides to join you in your dreams and to leave things behind that you can remember when you wake up. When you wake up check with yourself if there are any messages. If there are, do they apply to your feelings and emotions that you released yesterday or do they show you something new, something you can action or will be coming to you as a result of letting go!

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