Let Go

Letting go of attachments that are not doing you any good is part of the process of moving on bigger, brighter and new things that come into our life. An old relationship that once defined us but now you have not seen the other person for years, you have not heard from them, they are not part of either your physical or virtual social world and yet you still think of them almost every day. 


It seems they have moved on from you, but you have not moved on from them. And it may not be simply a person. It could be something material. I am a photographer; I did a lot of work and had a lot of fun with some film cameras. I kept them in good cameras bags for years past the time when the world had moved on to digital cameras. But, one day, I decided to trade them in and go digital. Some would say I held on to the too long. If I had traded them in earlier, I would have gotten more for the value of my dear film cameras.

That value for value comparison might have been true but the timing was not right. The digital cameras heralded an explosion of creativity and a desire to get out and take images again. Now, you might say that the explosion of creativity was waiting for me to trade my film cameras in, but the fact was, that the new physical camera and lenses in my hands made me want to go out, the film cameras did not. It was timing. Time to open to the door to getting out and doing what you should be doing and allowing what needs to come into your life to do so.

So, when it comes to releasing relationships, even when they are to physical and material things, we need to consider the timing.

Being open to releasing what should no longer being part of your life is important. Reiki can help. As I became attuned to different levels of Reiki, I became aware of my angels and guides and the roles they play, in my life and their ability to help me.

When I want to release something, anything from my life I will take a moment to do so. Usually, this is in the evening after all the business of the day has ended and before I go to sleep, or, it might be on a Saturday or Sunday. I mentioned those days of the week because there is usually time when the action of releasing can go longer if needed.

Trying to release when I know that in a few minutes I will have to get dressed and leave to go to work can be negative and stressful. It places too much burden on me and my angels and guides. It limits my ability to channel the Reiki energy to the emotions and thoughts I want to release.

When I have quiet time I:

Clear my mind of busy egoic mind. Egoic mind loves to go over and over the same things, churning a mix of confusion and regret, things that are passed and cannot be changed, churning “what might have been, what could have been” but which can never be now.

Recognize what is that needs to be released and engage Reiki to help with this. Ask your angels and guides to be present to help with the release. With your finger, draw Chu Kho Rei, the Reiki Power symbol on the palm of your hand and ask for its energy to help you release.

Recognize what it is you want to release. Remember, what you release is not what you have learned from the relationship with a person or something material. Those experiences will always remain with you. What you are releasing is seemingly never-ending attachment that is stopping you accepting new things and people into your life.

As you release and close off egoic mind from churning on those people and things, consider that you are not empty of the experiences.

As you release, affirm you are open to new people and things entering your life. You are not just open; you are happy and looking forward to and accepting of the changes these new people and things will bring.

There is no fear, doubt, worry, anxiety or confusion about what or why you are accepting.

There is no limitation on what you are open to receive. Reiki will support your free will to reject something that is not good for you. You have that right to say NO, but you have to be open to seeing what you are saying no to. Don’t make the mistake of saying NO before understanding what it is you are declining. 

As you used the Reiki Power symbol to add energy to your desire to release, now draw it again on your palm with the intention of giving energy to being accepting of new things coming in to your life.

Lastly, and this can come now or later, recognize that what you learned from the experience of having that relationship or thing in your life is different from what you have released which is attachment to them or it and the churning over what might have been/could have been but which can never be. What we have learned is important, it will always be part of you. What you have released is not important.

Release is part of healing. Do not place any pressure of expectation of how long it will take. It will not be instantaneous, it may be a few hours, or a few days. You know you are healing when you realize you are not thinking about the relationship or the material thing you are releasing.

Close the session by thanking your angels and guides for their role in helping you release.

If you are not attuned to Reiki, book a Reiki Session with a professional. It may be in person or remote. They will help you release what should go. They will help you be open to new experiences entering your life.

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