Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is energy. It is dormant at the bottom of the spine, in the Root Chakra until awakened. It has been there since birth as one of the gifts people receive. 

Kundalini awakening offers a profound opportunity for those called to follow a spiritual path.  It gradually releases many patterns, conditions and delusions of the separate self.  It can be threatening to the ego-structure because a person may feel a loss of interest in their old life and identity, and consciousness may go into unfamiliar expansive or empty states that are disorienting.  It also makes people who are unfamiliar with it afraid they are ill or losing their minds. So, understanding it is important.[2]

Once awakened it travels up the central Nadi – also called Sushumna, alongside or inside of the spine, it depends on the awakening and the individual. As it travels, the energy flows through each Chakra generating various levels of mystical experience for the individual. When it reaches the Crown Chakra, a change in consciousness, some say profound change, takes place. The awakened person may use the brain to transmute the energy into the highest form of energy called ‘Ojas’.

Dumo is the Tibetan Master Symbol. It represents the swirling fiery heat of the kundalini. Dumo or Dumo fire is the heat which ascends over the spine as a result of kundalini awakening. The unification of mind and body produce the emanation of heat. Heat is the lowest range of vibrations, radiating out to produce form or body.

It ignites the Sacred flame or kundalini fire. As kundalini is awakened and ascends up the central channel, it revitalizes and energizes the centre of each chakra, purifying the astral channels related to each of the chakras. 

Dumo unifies the mind and body and works with the fire in the base chakra. It rapidly travels from the healer’s brain/hand to the area of the receiver’s body where it is most needed.

Reversing the spiral in the Dumo Fire Symbol to clockwise direction, starting at the base, inner Ki expands to connect with Ki beyond the body. When the expansion is complete, the direction automatically reverses bringing Ki within. A spiral creates a vortex that intensifies the energy. It pulls negative energy and disease out of the body and releases it and heals the soul.

It can be used on crystals, asking the stones to self-clear henceforth and forever

Use when making flower or gem elixirs; add Dumo Symbol and Power Symbol to the water while they are infusing in the sun

Its focus is healing

Can also be used in the attunement process with Violet Breath. 

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