Intention Slips

The definition of “Intention” is:

  • the end or object intended; purpose.

Intention Slips – when we talk about our intentions for the future, they can be anything. Big or small, complex or simple, they are things we want to happen in the future. Many of us think of our intentions using words like manifest or manifestation. 

We create vision boards, we cut out pictures and paste them on the boards and we write lengthy descriptions to ourselves. We read them over and over again. We put them in plastic bags and keep them under our pillows so we can “sleep on them.”

Intuition slips are simpler. Slips of paper on which we write our intention or what we want to manifest. The descriptions are far simpler. A simple sentence without punctuation. 

If we are attuned with Reiki, we draw symbols on the back of the slip of paper. Then, we put the slips in our Intentions box, some call it a God box. The box can be as simple as a shoe box, or something an Amazon shipment came in.

Periodically, open the box and take the slips out every come of weeks. Look the lips over, and if any of them have been realized, leave them out. Our others that have not realized, back.

More important or larger things like a new house, getting married, you have to find the right person first! Having a baby, those take a little longer, three to four months, even six months is a good gauge for when to check the box and review what is in it. 

You may even have two intention boxes, one fo things that will take longer, and one for those that can manifest more quickly.

Be patient with the intention boxes. Just because something can take longer, three to four months doesn’t mean that I can’t happen a few days after you put the slip in the box.

One format for the intention you write is to declare you have an intention, what that intention is, and thank Reiki for the energy to make the intention manifest. Remember, you are engaging Reiki Energy to help bring this intuition into reality. It is not blind hope. As you wrote the Reiki symbols on the back of the slip, also write them on the box lid so they are what you see when you pick up the box. Write the symbols on the underside of the lid so that Reiki Energy is looking down on the slips.

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