If we allow it

If we allow it anger and disappointment to stay in our lives, it will slowly eat away at us. Become what we think and feel, rather than the other way around. When I was attuned as a Reiki Practitioner, something new came into my life. An energy that helped me shed the worries and concerns, it allowed me to become peaceful and accepting and appreciative of what life gave to me rather blaming and unhappy if what I received was less than what I felt I was worth or due.

Over the years there had been many things that had been wonderful and engaging but also things that seemed like disappointments. The latter were like coats of paint, applied over, and over again, in different colors to some beautifully carved wood. As the layers of paint build up and up, the sharpness and wonder of the carving becomes blunted and less clear. The carving in losing the clarity of shape and design becomes less attractive to look at.

Reiki energy on clearing away the layers of disappointment restored the beauty of the carving to the light of day. Once again, its beauty was on show, once again, the carving could breathe.

The worries that upset my stomach were gone, the muffled throat chakra was speaking clearly and could be heard, the Heart Chakra beat more slowly.

There are of course two ways to experience Reiki, the simplest way is to book a Reiki session and receive it in either an in person or remote session. The other it to become attuned to Reiki and experience Reiki through the attunement process, Ultimately, when you are attuned to the highest level you will be able to perform self-Reiki. 

With a new perspective, I could see why I was angry and why angry people and situations came into my life. I could see why the natural progression of life angered me.

Through self-Reiki old events, people and places that had created anger, frustration and seemed to magnify the disappointments I felt I were coming to me were still there, as clear as they had been all along, but now there was no pain associated with them. As my experience with self-Reiki grew stronger and more proficient, the less and less those old memories meant to me. And, if I encountered a person from those memories again, they did not create a sense of anger. I had been immunized from their anger, they were simply just a person that I had once known and lost connection with.

As I started to look back on my life, and compared it to what was happening now, I realized less and less angry people and places were being brought into my life. Being angry tends to create angry words and expression, angry behavior creates situations that can only create angry outcomes, situations and people. This made me very happy. The cycle of anger and angry people and toxic situations had ended. 

This is not magic! It is Reiki. Will it stop you coming into contact with toxic people, especially at work, no. But it will help with your response, and it certainly will help with how these people and situations don’t affect me. Like lightening, they strike my lightening rod which is Reiki and dissipate straight into the ground. At the end of the day, in my self-Reiki session, I look back and completely wash the situation and person away. If they come back the next day, I can deal with them again, in the same way while knowing how I must change things to rid myself of them and the situation.

Reiki is about the universal energy that is available to all of us, our soul chose to reincarnate in order to learn and experience. Our life path is the path we are walking for the soul to do experience. Reiki and that universal energy helps the life path to be less rocky and for the charisma of our soul to be less muted, less like the carving that has lost its shape and definition. The journey is about experience and learning, not how much baggage we can carry that has no value.

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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