Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra
The colour of the Heart Chakra is green.

Sanskrit – Anahata (translation – unstruck or intact ‘the heart sings without being played’) The Heart Chakra

Colour – Green

Element – Air

Seed Sound – YANG

Location – behind the heart

Physical anatomy – heart, lungs, shoulders, arms, chest, breasts, thymus gland, cardiac nerve plexus.

This chakra is the ‘connector chakrabetween earthly and spiritual chakras. The balance and strength and compassion that you find within your Heart Chakra will be reflected in all areas of your life and in everything that you do. A healthy and open Heart Chakra enhances your healing ability when used on Self or others. Improving your posture automatically opens your Heart Chakra more fully.

Heart chakra Quick Tips

  • Represents your ability to give and receive love, your capacity to love yourself and your sense of compassion and empathy for all beings
  • Blocked symptoms include heart disease, lung problems, relationship problems, commitment issues, fear of intimacy, being ¬†judgemental and an inability to feel compassion
  • Overloaded symptoms include chest pain, breast problems including cancer, self-sacrificing behaviour, codependency, ignoring your own needs in the constant service of others
  • Balancing suggestions include taking care of yourself, practicing breathing exercises, doing yoga that opens the chest (back bends) or nurture the heart (Childs pose) and by loving in better balance, giving and receiving love without sacrificing yourself or taking energy from your other Chakras
  • Yoga poses to aid in balancing this chakra – Bridge pose, Cobra pose and Childs pose

[From Usui Reiki 1 – Stacey MacDonald Angel Light]

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