Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries with people is one of the best things you can do for yourself with the help of Reiki. 

Some people refer to boundaries as a form of self-protection, a way of building a wall that keeps certain people, places, and events out of their personal space. This is an example of their self-respect; this reassurance of self-esteem helps remove negativity from life. The end result is they are happier in the knowledge their space will not or cannot be impinged on.

If you are attuned to Reiki, using the universal energy in Reiki to help set these boundaries is powerful and mysterious.

Think for a moment how you feel when someone imposes their will on you. They have it in their mind that events in your life should proceed at a pace they set and have no regard for your feelings, emotions or expectations. You are not at someone else’s beck and call; you are not a skivvy to their beck and call. I know from experience that I do not like and resent people who have this opinion of me. I resent the manipulation they try to impose when they feel their control slipping.

It is important to remember that people learn from you how it is they are to treat you. It is you and you alone who are in charge of your life. When you make that known, you have established your boundaries, boundaries that keep you ascending your own vibrational ladder.

Reiki is a powerful tool for helping to set and maintain boundaries. Reiki works for the greatest good of all, and ego cannot influence Reiki. As a Reiki Practitioner, we are a conduit for the flow of Reiki Energy. We do not decide what it does or where it goes, it is intelligent so let Reiki energy do its thing, let it improve our lives.

Boundaries can be created using Reiki in many different ways. 

Learn to say No! No, is not selfish. It tells others that what they are asking or indirectly hinting at it suggesting does not work for you, is not something you want to do or be a part of. No does not require an explanation. Stand firm on No if you really mean it and would be unhappy if you said yes!

If you know you will have to say no in a meeting or Infront of a group of people, find a moment when you can practice the scene, who says what and how and why. Do this with closed eyes and with a clear call to your Reiki guides for strength and clarity about what you are going to do in the meeting.

Also, think about the Throat Chakra. You will be speaking this Chakra is important. It needs to be clear, balanced and full of energy.

In today’s world, it is often the case that we will have to speak for ourselves without the other person being present. It could be a phone call, or telephone conference call. It could be an email, or a video conference call. Again, preparation is similar to the steps described previously only this time it is not a one-to-one meeting but a group. Make your statement clear and politely, do not engage in any verbal or other challenges. Tell them what your boundaries are, what you accept and what you will not. If you are speaking give Reiki Strength to your Throat Chakra. Even if you are sending an email, send energy to your Reiki Chakra. I always find it best to spend some time re-reading an email, even speaking it out loud quietly to myself.

When it comes to people and relationships, no matter how you say no, it may be that you have to end the relationship of someone you know or have known but who is no longer part of your life, but they have left a legacy that still brings them into your life. 

It is best to be quiet and have a piece of paper and pencil Infront of you. Write their name at the top of the paper. If your writing is not that clear, write the name slowly and clearly.

Underneath write – “I release this person and attached emotions and all forms of connection from my life with love and peace.” I find that drawing the Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei in the centre of the page with smaller versions in each corner help to seal the words and the wishes. You can burn the paper, shred it and put it in the Recycling.

When you choose to do this it maybe that you do not have pencil and paper conveniently available. I put my hands together in Gassho and say the person’s name and the words three times. I draw the Reiki Power Symbol, Cho Ku Rei, three times as I say the person’s name and draw the symbol in the air with my finger.

In all of this, setting boundaries is not a selfish act, it an act of self-assurance and love for yourself. As you respect others it is only writing and fitting that you receive respect from others. Oh, and by the way, the same goes for family members. When we are young, it is OK to let parents set some of our boundaries, but as we mature and become adults, it is time for us to set our own.

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