Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships

Life gives us many things and takes some away. Deliberately or not, we move forward looking, hoping for more good things than bad.

It is impossible to see the future, the future that actually arrives, not the one we hope for. The difference can be subtle, it can be serious. We want a red car, but we get a blue one. We want a new one, a real new one, not one that has been sat in, bumped into, and repaired by unknown mechanics before. We hope for new furniture, but cannot afford what we think we need. Instead, we get what we need.

Relationships are somewhat of the same thing. The person who enters our lives may not be the one we dream of, but he or she is what we need for our souls, our life path purpose. But it is not just us that they have an effect on. Our existing friends, family members and acquaintances are all affected by that new person who arrives.

Through the people around us, we learn how to relate toothers, how to feel about others, and make judgements. All of these emotions and mental and spiritual patterns we carry with us through our lives. 

These patterns help or hinder us in life and give rise to wanted and unwanted results. Learning to understand our traits and which ones need to change, which ones need to evolve, and those that are “just right” is part of life and what we are here, in this physical container called a body, to learn. At the end of our lives, the manifestation of what we have learned and changed, or not makes up the balance of our karma and how we will be reincarnated into the next life. 

Taking a moment of peace and quiet, mediated by Reiki will help you understand where is the balance of your existing relationships, and prepare yourself for the next.

When looking at the balance of your existing relationships, look at what it is you need to let go. Is what you need to let go within you or within them?

If the imbalance is within you, pay attention to thoughts of letting go resentment, bad feelings and old hurts that you are carrying with you that only drag you down. This is a time to release so that you have the energy to be open to new experiences, people, and feelings.

If the imbalance is in them, and they are passing it on to you, do you have to have that person in your life? Do they have to be so close to you? As much as we may dislike letting people fade away, sometimes it is necessary, and beneficial. 

People come into our lives to bring things to us and let us share experiences. Good or bad, we have to decide which it is. We have to take charge of the relationship, we need to, have to, do what is best for ourselves. We have to recognise when we are being drained by a relationship that is not good for us. At one time it may have been beneficial to us, but times have changed, we have changed and the other person has changed. We cannot control their behaviour or feelings, or the way they express themselves to us. When we refuse to recognise how a relationship has changed and how it is affecting us, we are blocking new people, new experiences from coming in to our life because we are devoting time and energy to something that does not benefit us. 

When we devote energy to something that does not benefit us, we do not have the energy for something good, nourishing, and beneficial. Beneficial not just for you, but for the other person as well.

If you are attuned to Reiki, then calling on your Reiki Guides and allowing the energy to flow through you is something you are familiar with. Ficus that energy on to your feelings, your intuition and look at the future of when the relationship is healed you are healed. Look at a time when not only are you healed but you are also free to receive new experiences, new people and new happiness. 

While you are considering being happy and at peace with the healed relationship. Spare a moment and think of the other person. They too will receive healing, some form of healing. It will be unique to their needs and need not be what you receive, but be pleased for them. Release is a two-way street. To you, from them, and from you to them.

At the end of the session, concentrate on the feelings of openness and energy to receive new experiences, people, places, and pets.

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This post is taken from our Reiki Level II Student Manual

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association – CRA.

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