Healing Journey

2020 has been quite a year so far, and it is only just September. The pandemic has highlighted the need for emotional and spiritual healing. Covid-19 added a whole new dimension to the already significant need for healing in our fast-paced modern society. We need to be able to shed worries, confused feelings and emotional hangers on so that we live a healthier, more balanced emotional life. 

Physically, we are bombarded diets containing chemicals aimed at detoxification of our physical bodies, the container for our soul in this physical realm. Often, these detox schemes call for the denial of foods and certain types of nutrients from our diets and perhaps changes in our life style in order to achieve a quick fix/change in our bodies.

These detox schemes usually tend to disassociate the physical body from the spiritual. A number of new ingredients, plant or chemical based are introduced into our diet while at the same time, based on a calendar describing our modified intake, we limit or eliminate other natural substances from our intake.

This routine of change is often accompanied by a calendar describing when and how to progress through the cycle of changes to attain a required/desired goal. The cycle is repeated until the supplies required have run out and new ones have to be purchased.

Because Reiki is always missing from the detoxification schemes, making changes to the unique combination of physical body and spiritual soul is never achieved. It is rather like making changes to a car by putting a new and more powerful engine in it without helping the driver learn how to drive the updated car.

As a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, it is common to see people suffering from anxiety, tension, mental and phycological overloads from the lives they are leading. The result of these anxieties, tension and stress is spiritual. It manifests in blocked chakras, and the imbalance of the soul with the physical body resulting. The imbalance may result in the soul detaching from the physical container and being unable to reconnect with the body, a phenomenon called soul loss. In this condition the person drifts aimlessly, achieving little and learning less, a critical factor when karma is weighed as part of spiritual rebirth and progress into the next life.

I think of fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, confusion, and anger as products of our mind. Busy mind to be precise. They are perceptions of the world, people and places and situation we are interacting with. We may fear our performance review at work based on our perception and confusion about how we feel we have performed. This in turn creates anxiety, stress and doubt about our abilities. But none of these are real. You cannot reach out with your finger and place it on fear, or worry or confusion. 

What you can do is reach out and connect with the here and now, the moment, in which you exist, learn, and understand about the moment in which we exist and the world and people around us. 

“All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry – all forms of fear – are caused by too much future, and

not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms

of no forgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Connect with the here and Now, pay attention to what is around you. Allowing your busy mind to hash over and over things that happened in the past, or allowing it to project unrealized thoughts and fears into the future, causing anxiety, doubt and worry for you is not being the Now. The Now is the people, animals, birds, plants, even your car. The way your car drives, the power and smoothness, or not, of the engine. How it smooths the ride with its suspension, or not, of course. 

But even when things are not smooth and easy, be aware of them in the Now and understand them. Use Reiki to help you free your mind of the fears and doubts that interrupt your vision of the Now by giving those little mind stoppers to your angels and guides. The universe is working out the details of your life, what you need and when and how to make the changes you need. Pay attention to those things. As changes happen, and new people come into your life or leave, celebrate them and be with them in the Now.

Reiki can relieve you for the worries and anxieties but also let it give you a stronger connection to your own spiritual path and goals.

If you are not attuned to Reiki seek out a Reiki practitioner to help you by performing a Reiki Session for you. Feel the benefits of the session and then look into studying for your first level attunement. Being attuned to Level 1 Reiki will help you make your quiet meditation become deeper and more effective at releasing the of fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, and confusion that is affecting the enjoyment of your life. It will help you be more present in the Now.

As you progress in your studies and Attunements, you will find your mind is less busy because now you have a way to release that negative, obsessive energy and your awareness of the Now increasing and being easier to connect with and receive its benefits.

Keep a journal. A journal will help you record and clarify your feelings and events in the Now. Record the release of anger, frustration, fear, worry and doubt. Record where those negative feelings come from. Is there a part of you that is more open to those forms of negativity than it should be? It may be because of events in a past life and part of your reason for being here is to learn how to release that aspect of your soul and to be more positive and connected with the Now. 

It is time now to come to grips with Gratitude. Every morning, I give myself a simple self-Reiki session. I express my gratitude for my angels and guides and also myself. Who and why I am who I am.? What I achieved the day before, what I recognised in others and how I responded. I express my love for myself because in that moment I am different from everything I have been before, and tomorrow, I will be different from what I am today. Even a small change is important to recognise and be grateful for because if there is not even that small change in ourselves, it means we have become stagnant and unresponsive to the world around us.

Reiki helps open us to its universal energy and that helps us grow and expand our awareness and to be grateful for that change. Gratitude is a way of expressing our happiness at the changes in us which in turn gives us a way to be responsive to new things and experiences. 

Gratitude is expressive, and expansive. When you express and feel grateful for something, it is sending out an energetic appreciation and an invitation for comparable energy to come to us. All manner of things can give us happiness and be things we are grateful for.

Part of this expression of Gratitude is how it opens us to new experiences that expand our lives by the experiences we have. When we thank the universe for beautiful events and experiences, it sends us more. When a relationship ended several years ago, I found myself at a stop light and opposite me was a scuba diving store. The relationship had always prevented me from learning and participating in the activity. Without the relationship I was able to participate and did so. It started a magical period in my life which I would repeat if given the time and opportunities it brought me all over again. 

Do not let fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, confusion stop you from doing new things and having new experiences. I was not born knowing how to scuba dive, I did not know how to participate, enjoy the process of learning and making mistakes, getting up and dusting yourself. Lack of success is a learning experience do not fear it. Learn how to manage it and then learn from the experience.

Learning and experience gained from your lack of success are all part of your journal and art of your daily Reiki meditation which helps you understand yourself and is part of the gift of Reiki which when you are attuned at the Master Teacher level you can help other people understand. 

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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