Healing, Food, and Reiki

Healing, Food, and Reiki. Food, good nutritious food, not the junk, sugary foods we often eat is the fuel our bodies need in order to make us energized and successful. It is hard to do all the things we do on a good day if we feed ourselves junk which provides energy only for a short time.

One of the things we can do is to put some of the essential goodness of the universe into our food before we eat it. Draw Chu Ku Rei, the power symbol over the plate before you start, and, if you did not prepare the food, as you start to draw the symbol, think to yourself, “I am clearing this plate of food of any energies it may have acquired before it reached me.”

At the last stage of drawing Chu Ku Rei, in your thoughts, add the intention that the food will boost the healing of anything in you that needs healing, and that it will also give you the energy to complete the day energetically and how you want to. As you complete drawing the Reiki Power symbol, make the last words emphatic and powerful.

This as one profound benefit. If you are like me, then there are times, especially when I am at work that I literally inhale my food because there are other things I want to need to do at lunchtime. Drawing Chu Ku Rei, clearing the food and imbuing energy and emphasis in to it slows you down and makes you enjoy the meal that much more. A meal is to be enjoyed; it is not a challenge.

As you complete your meal consider the intention you gave to the food. Be patient with the results. As with all intentions and healing cycles, the intention may not manifest right away, and it may not be in the form you imagine or ask for. Be patient and be accepting of the outcome the universe gifts you.

As you end your meal, thank your angels and guides and the universe for the opportunity to eat the meal and look forward to the energy and strength the food infused with universal, intelligent energy has provided.

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