Healing Bubbles

Reiki Healing Energy Bubbles what are the and how can they help you, a Reiki Practitioner. As a practitioner, you are aware Reiki energy and the energy of the Archangels can come to you in different ways, and with diverse messages attached to it.

An energy bubble can be many things, each meaning different and valid for each practitioner. Generally, to me a Reiki energy Bubble something like a Reiki Energy Multi Vitamin with distinctive energies and strength of energy.

The bubble will take on a different colour depending on who and why it is being created. There is a lot being prepared for the recipient so you have to clearly focus your mind and intention on the outcome you want.

To be open to this energy you need to be grounded, spiritually and emotionally. At this time of year, summer in Norther America, it is easy to find a park bench at my favourite spot by the lake and take off my sandals and let my feet connect me to grounding Reiki energy and Mother Earth, Gaia.

Be patient for the grounding energy to make itself felt. I usually find some tingling in my feet, especially my toes, and it moves up into my legs. The sense of being grounded is palpable.

Archangel Raphael is the healing Archangel. When preforming a Reiki session, remote or in person, asking for him to be present and to join in the session is always advantageous for the recipient. If the recipient if remote form you, therefore you are doing a remote Reiki session, draw the remote healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen in the air in front of you as you focus your intention on the healing you are sending to the recipient.

This energy bubble you are creating either for yourself or another is an open bubble. There is no exclusion. If another Archangel appears, or a guide and they want to participate, all the better their energy adds to the potency of the energy you are creating. 

The intention of healing is to heal, so visualize the person healed and removed from the discomfort and any pain they are in. If you visualize an outcome, such as manifestation of wealth or abundance, in your mind see it completed. 

If manifestation means something for yourself, not only be clear in your intent to manifest but also tell the universe you are open to receive exactly what you ask for or something better. Declining something is to send the universe a message is dislike and rejection. Always be open to receive what the universe sends you, not what you dream you would like.

As you close the session, seal it with Cho Kho Rei, the Reiki Power Symbol to give the bubble and all that is in its potency and energy. Give the bubble your intent that the bubble be delivered to the recipient, or yourself if it is for you.

I usually visualize the bubble being an energy source for the Root Chakra. Bind it to the root Chakra so that all the energy in the bubble washes over and permeates the Root Chakra. The energy flows upward form the root to all the chakras and channels in the body.

If there are any energy stream from one Chakra to the next, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raphael together can be called on to remove the blockages.

If one Chakra in particular needs healing energy, you can send the bubble of healing energy to that chakra directly. The bubble will contain what the chakra needs to heal.

Raphael is associated with green and the emerald crystal, not the gemstone, is his crystal. Raphael is associated with the Heart chakra. You can use the crystal by placing it over the Heart Chakra, or if remote visualizing the crystal there and glowing.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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