Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, that is correct, New Year’s brings the opportunity to clear away the past month, the past year, the past few years, the past decade.

What we are talking about here can be at any time of the year.

If you keep a daily journal, close it, mentally and spiritually, and mark it as sealed. You are not going to be looking in it anymore not sneaking back to see what you thought of such and such a person or how you felt after someone new came into your life or they left it. After sealing it you are going to make sure it is gone for good by shredding it, tearing it up, or brining it if you have that option.

Spiritually sealing it helps you forget. What is gone is done and cannot be changed.

Start a new journal, a clean sheet, a clean book, a clean page on the word processor.

Now is the time to dream. Dream whatever you want and to record your dreams.

Sit quietly, with a cup of tea, coffee, a cold drink or some other favorite drink. This is a time to slow down and connect with your guides and angels. It is a time to come to terms with what it you desire, wish for, would like to manifest.

The lunar cycle is every 29.5 days. Google the lunar cycle to see where you are in terms of the current cycle. Ideally, being close to the New Moon is best for this exercise. The New Moon, New things, New Hopes, New wishes. The full moon brings new wishes and hopes to fruition.

Vector image of Monthly Moon / Luna Cycle of 29.5 days
Vector Illustration of Informative Chart of Monthly Moon Cycle

Figure 1. Moon Phases by week or 29.5 days

Think of the abundance you wish to receive, in:

  • Prosperity/Finances
  • Health/Vitality
  • Family Relationships
  • Personal Relationships and love
  • Career Opportunities
  • Shelter / Home
  • Vehicle
  • Protection
  • Peace
  • Support

This list is not exhaustive, feel free to add what is missing but is important to you. But remember., this is for you, it is personal to you.

After you have made your list, think carefully about what you have circled. If you wish to manifest a new car, think of the things that are important to you and do research to be clear on what it looks like; make, model, colour, number of doors, cargo capacity, towing capacity, engine size, interior colours. This is your dream, your desire, your wish, your hope it is what you want to manifest.

If it is a person, how tall are they, what colour eyes, hair, age, background and any other attribute of your ideal person that you can think of, is important to you and you want to manifest in them.

If this sounds like a vision board, you are correct. It can be a vision board together with pictures and even sounds, if it is on a computer or smartphone.

If you are attuned to Reiki, add Reiki symbols to the page, make them into an attractive and powerful border. Say the Power symbol name out loud. As you do this, and when you are finished, hold the book, paper, images you have collected in your hands or lay your hands on them, close your eyes and say the power symbol again.

It is important that what you write, the images you collect and the wishes you want to manifest are wholly and entirely yours. Not anyone else’s, YOURs and yours alone.

Balance in all things, including what you want to manifest. We are taught it is better to give than to receive and many of us carry a burden of not feeling worthy of the great things we can wish for here. Understand that Balance is required in all things. If you have any doubts about your worthiness to receive what you are asking to be manifest. Stop yourself. Fugitively and emotionally, “spit those thoughts out.”

You are worthy, having a nice home, car, holiday home, lover, a healthy body, success, you are worthy of all these things. Do not hold back or resist making the declaration of your needs and only your needs.

When you go to sleep that night, before you drop into a deep peaceful sleep, imagine what it would be like in the home, the car or being with the person you have asked to be manifested. Put your heart into the thoughts and wishes now. Any negative thoughts that are blocking you form thinking positively about what you manifest, banish them.

Thoughts of who cares, why bother, what difference will it make, or if it has not arrived by now, it never will. These are negative thoughts and if they are your thoughts, banish them. If they are not yours, they have come from people you know, then be prepared in the future not to accept these comments. Be prepared to rebut them and put the speaker in their place. 

Ask your angels and guides to help you remove these negative thoughts by taking them away.

If you are attuned to the Tibetan Master symbol, use it to emotionally cleanse yourself of these habits. Print out or draw a large Tibetan Master symbol on a piece of paper and place it in a large Freezer bag that s sealed and place it under your pillow and “sleep on it.”

Each night, take it out and trace it with your finger, say the name three times, and state your intention to remove the negative thoughts and habits. Put it back under your pillow and fall asleep. 

In the morning, give yourself time to once again think of what it is you want to manifest and say the Power Symbol over your thoughts and desires.

Lastly, two things. 

You’re desire to manifest things may not happen within one moon cycle, allow the universe time to bring you what you are asking for.

The other is to not be disappointed if what manifests is not exactly like what you pictured. A car can be a different colour and a house may be in the middle of the street, not at the end. It may be two floors, rather than one. 

You have received what you need, not necessarily what you want. 

Mark is a Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association

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