Happiness, we all want some happiness in our lives. It does not matter what creates it, it could be baking, planting flowers or vegetables, or completing a long bicycle ride. Whatever it is, something makes us feel good about ourselves, what we are doing or simply, just being alive.

When we are happy, that is the time to show gratitude to life, but especially what made us feel happy in the first place. Being and showing gratitude changes your life. What you are thankful for becomes clearer in your mind.

When we are happy and we want to show gratitude. You can simply say, something like, I am pleased, I am happy, I enjoy that… Another way to do is to write down what it you are happy about. The act of writing, holding a pen and shaping the letters on a piece of paper, reinforces what it is you are happy about and what has brought you to that enjoyable state. Of course, you can type at a keyboard. 

The point is to have a physical record of happiness and gratitude.

Put the pieces of paper into a box, a draw, or a glass jar if you have used small pieces of paper. 

If you are attuned to Reiki, can draw the symbols, over the container in which you have stored your notes. If you are not attuned, think of the best sunrise you have experienced. It doesn’t matter when the sunrise occurred, just that you witnessed it. In case you have not seen a sunrise, you can think of now, think of music.

Feel free to add to the notes in the container. Moments of a happy occasion, a holiday, a party, a celebration of some kind such as a wedding, a birthday. Or, an award. These things and the memories add energy to the energy in your notes.

Gratitude creates more happiness and things to be grateful for. Abundance starts to manifest, the type of abundance that creates more gratitude.

From time to time, especially if you are feeling unhappy, open the container and read through the notes, take out the mementoes, look at the pictures if there are any. Hold them and let Reiki together with the look and feel of the keep sakes bring happy memories and gratitude back into your life and sweep away the unhappiness you are feeling.

Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher

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