Our soul is on a journey, it is here to experience through the physical container of our bodies. There are many, many emotions and challenges faced by it as our life progresses. The greatest emotion we have is love, the other is happiness. Happiness, some would say is just a facet of love.

If happiness is a facet of love, the more we engage with it the more love. Happiness is an expression of emotion, it is the large things in life, it is also the small things. If it is a facet of love, then it is a facet we can express without engaging in a demonstration of love. Be happy with a nice cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a flower, a pet, a person. It does not mean any less than love but it is something we can demonstrate that does not reveal the deeper self. 

Happiness, raises our spiritual vibration. There is a lightness to our feelings and thoughts when we are happy. The busy egoic mind cannot drag the feeling down, it cannot suppress happiness.

Happiness can be caused by many different things. Let’s focus in something you carry with you throughout your life. Memories. We all carry memories with us. The ones from childhood may be faded now, they may take time to recall, but I can still remember climbing my first tree above the height I could reach, and the excitement of looking down.

When I took my first scuba diving lesson, I can remember being overjoyed at sitting on the bottom of the pool and looking up at the rest of the class above me. I was happy because I seemed so at ease, I was happy because I was not scared, I was happy because I was not afraid. I was happy, well because I was happy at this new adventure.

Reach back in your memories for your won happy events and remember them. Look at the with your mind’s eye and help yourself to perfect them. Look at the colors, the weather, the voices, the music in them. Remember everything you can in the greatest detail.

If you are attuned to Reiki, sit quietly while you recall and perfect these memories and then use the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei to give energy and power to each individual memory that is making you happy.

As you give the memory energy, look for the next memory. Choose a top ten of memories and add Reiki Power to each one. The idea is to use these memories to refresh your happiness give you a vibrational boost when you need it. You will find that over time, other happy memories will come to the front of your consciousness. 

Bless each of these new memories with Reiki Power until you have many different memories, from different stages in your life that you can call on to give you Happiness as you recall them and look at them and relive them.

You have worked had through your life, your soul has experienced a lot of harsh and trying experiences. Happiness rebalances as it empowers you. Let it soak into your soul and warm you from the inside as you chuckle or laugh about the details of the physical existence when the Happy memory took place. 

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