Grief is a fact of life. One that recurs throughout out our lives and is triggered by a wide variety of things from the loss of friends, relatives and loved ones including pets and animals we are close to, to things connected to inanimate objects. When I went home to clear out my mother’s home, I found old warn soft toys that brought memories flooding back. When I discovered I had not shipped them to my place, I was so sad and filled with grief that it brought tears to my eyes, and still does.

While it was my duty to clear out her home, she now lived in a home where she could get medical attention if she required it. Her mind was very clear and active, but her body was failing. Part of the sadness about the visits was the realization that she no longer had the ability to move and enjoy the world by herself, she always needed assistance. From being a very active woman, her world was becoming very contained and limited.

The fact is no matter how much we love a person who gave birth to us and helped us grow and become the person we are, we feel helpless and lost in our own limitations with what we can do for them.

When she passed, I was half a world away, and unable to get back in time to do anything for her, not even to hold her hand in the last few moments. So, how did I recover from the day she passed? I remembered her that day and every day on her birthday, I think about her, I think of the good times, and the times when she picked me up as a young boy and wiped away my tears and put a band aid on my knee.

Today, when I stop and think about her on her birthday, and my father on his birthday I realize their souls and spirit have passed on to better things. That the physical container we see and feel, whose hand we hold is just an aspect of the vessel. It allows our loved ones to have a way to physically connect with us and experience us. In turn our soul has a way to touch them. 

Today I am a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, that has brought depth of knowledge, feeling and perspective to understand the major transitions in life like a birth that gives joy and death which brings grief. Joy and death are remarkable highs and lows in life and Reiki has allowed me to cope much, much better with them.

Before becoming a teacher and practitioner, I would have a session with a practitioner. I always felt relaxed afterwards, I felt as if the weight and stresses I took into the session had been lifted and taken away. Today, I will ask my angels and guides to take the stresses and strains I have, the doubts and fears, and heal the wounds those things have caused. I do it each morning after breakfast and in the evening before I go to bed.

Giving your stresses, strains, doubts, and fears, to the angels is not ignoring them. They are best able to take those painful energies and deal with them by finding solutions, or helping us see the doubts for what they are. They are a manifestation of our busy mind that always wants to amplify and dwell on the negative. It churns with uncertainty and repetition until our mind is frozen and unable to think because it is devoting time and energy to things we cannot resolve, and usually, do not need to.

After being attuned even to Level 1 Reiki I was better able to realize how shedding those fears and doubts allowed me to see clearly and devote my energies to what mattered, the things I could change in my life.

More important now, when I think of people and pets that have passed, there is a sense of warmth and happiness in the lives they had and the time we were together. I do not hold on to the grief those events brought, and the joy of new things coming in to my life is magnified by the sense of potential and good that comes with them.

As I progressed in my attunements, the sense of anticipation and happiness accompanying the events magnified. There was a sense of completeness to me spiritually. There was a sense of healing.

Whether it is a Reiki session with a practitioner or becoming attuned to Reiki, attuned to whatever level you are comfortable with, Reiki can help and heal you. Let it!

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Mark is a Registered Reiki Teacher and Practitioner under the Canadian Reiki Association.

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Mark is a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner under the International Association of Reiki Practitioners

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